WEBINAR: Energy management solutions for Smart City facilities
February 14, 2019

This webinar will be hosted by Klemen Logar of Solvera Lynx and Gabor Pop of Actility


Actility is hosting a joint webinar with our partner Solvera Lynx to provide an overview of energy management solutions for facilities and smart cities.  Real-life projects will then be used to demonstrate the possibilities and achievements to date.


  • How LoRaWAN enables energy monitoring, efficiency and flexibility
  • How to reduce your facilities high energy costs
  • About electricity, water and heating savings
  • What the best technologies and systems are for your facilities
  • How LoRaWAN can improve your projects
  • About recreational, shopping and business center use cases
  • About logistics use cases
  • About hospital use cases



DATE: Thursday February 14, 2019


HOSTS: Klemen Logar, Sales Director, Solvera Lynx and Gabor Pop, Director, Corporate & Strategic Marketing, Actility

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Meet your hosts

Gabor Pop

Director, Corporate
 & Strategic Marketing

Gabor Pop, Director, Corporate & Strategic Marketing, Actility
Klemen Logar, Sales Director, Solvera Lynx​

Klemen Logar 

Sales Director
Solvera Lynx

Our partners from Smart City, Smart Buildings and Smart Industry fields want to understand energy flows in detail and are looking for a system to handle energy consumption data automatically. Due to the large number of facilities, it is important to control the consumption of individual energy products and monitor consumption by individual end-users – for this, they need tools that allow the easy collection of data, performance analysis and production of automated reports.

Using low power energy management solutions based on LoraWAN technology they can focus on the energy-saving potential of the projects instead of the cabling. Having a good picture of energy use which is shared throughout the organization, and being able to monitor its energy efficiency performance, help to reduce energy consumption in the long run and make a profound saving on energy costs.

Klemen Logar, Sales Director, Solvera Lynx​

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