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underground IoT geolocation connectivity

Actility’s IoT geolocation helps to protect workers and assets

An IoT connectivity network has been installed in the tunnels of a commuter transit line in France to help monitor and protect the safety of workers and to track tools and assets below ground. Our client selected a LoRaWAN network powered by Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise connectivity platform to provide the underground IoT geolocation connectivity required. […]

November 12th 2018 - by - read
LoRa Alliance Members Meeting in Tokyo

LoRa Alliance Members Meeting in Tokyo

Actility's Alper Yegin's highlights from the LoRa Alliance Members Meeting in Tokyo

November 8th 2018 - by - read
electric vehicles

Interview Olivier Hersent: What will the consequences of electric vehicles (EV) be on the aggregation market?

Actility CEO Olivier Hersent talks about the impact of electric vehicles on the aggregation market

October 10th 2018 - by - read
IoT geolocation asset tracking, logistics, rolling stock tracking, containers tracking, trucks tracking, supply chain, internet of things, LoRa

How IoT geolocation enables efficient asset tracking for logistics

Railway cars, truck trailers, containers: tracking valuable assets on the move is a pain point for most large distributed organizations involved in logistics and supply chain, typically relying on partners such as distributors to correctly register check-in and check-out events. This registration process at specific checkpoints is usually manual, intermittent and subject to human errors. […]

September 10th 2018 - by - read
The LoRaWAN-connected heat pump

STORY: How we controlled energy processes in a home with LoRaWAN?

On a 1 May 2015, as an energy aggregator, Actility got involved in a fantastic European R&D project: invent tomorrow’s energy storage distribution systems. Along with our 17 partners, we’ve been conducting field trials in 8 EU countries. Today, I would like to highlight our achievement in a Belgian town near Leuven: connect and remotely control a heat pump in a residential home.

April 27th 2018 - by - read
The tracker intercepts GPS signals from visible satellites. It transmits compressed data collected from a GPS front-end to GPS assistance server via a LoraWAN network. The GPS assistance server computes location, then sends the results to the application server.

Low power GPS: The power of LPWAN harnessed for location and tracking

You may know that Assisted GPS or A-GPS was a Telco industry innovation enabling quick and precise location on mobile phones. But did you know that Abeeway recently adapted this technology to IoT devices and LoRaWAN, creating "Low Power GPS"?

January 18th 2018 - by - read

New LoRaWAN specs straight from the Alliance’s oven to your plate

There’s excellent news coming from the LoRa Alliance: the core LoRaWAN specifications enabling passive roaming are coming out of the oven! As a co-chair of the LoRa Alliance Technical Committee, it’s my pleasure to present you our latest treats on roaming, security, Class B, and standalone Join Server. The Technical Committee has been working on […]

November 2nd 2017 - by - read

LoRa Alliance Security White Paper

The main objective of LoRaWAN, being an LPWAN technology, is obviously to provide IoT connectivity… BUT – because there is always a “but” – we are now all aware that unless IoT connectivity is fully secured, it can create more problems than it solves… Who would want to connect their smoke alarm to the Internet […]

July 6th 2017 - by - read

A Revolution in Passive Roaming

At the Mobile World Congress a few months ago, Actility announced that it offered LoRaWAN Network Operators to test passive roaming capabilities.

July 4th 2017 - by - read