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Adrien at BPI France conference

Adrien Doré launches BPI France Energy conference

Adrien Doré, France Manager at Actility Energy, was pleased to introduce the 20th TOTEM event organized by the Hub BPI France and the French Electricity Union (UFE) with an opening speech on « The Digital: game changer of the energy transition? » In his speech, Adrien spoke about the role of new technologies and especially […]

January 24th 2019 - by - read

What challenges will the energy sector face in 2019? Here’s our CEO Olivier Hersent’s vision

2018 has been, for Actility and the world of energy, a pivotal year. It is now clear for everyone that the question is not whether our energy mix evolves towards 100% renewables, but how fast. The question is no longer whether automobiles will be 100% electric, but whether hydrogen will have a small share of […]

January 24th 2019 - by - read
Actility Energy at the French Electricity Union UFE

Cedric presents at the French Electricity Union (UFE) annual conference

Thursday, November 29th, at the annual conference of the French Electricity Union (UFE), Cedric de Jonghe, Europe Manager, was honored to be invited to introduce Actility Energy during a round table on the topic of transformation and cooperation in the energy sector. Actility, a flexibility aggregator for 8 years, has developed suitable flexibility solutions to […]

January 24th 2019 - by - read
Actility Operator Forum night in the Louvre

Actility’s night at the museum

After a day hearing about the best in IoT technology, the maturity of LoRaWAN, and operators' readiness for multi-country roaming at the Actility Operator Forum, we wanted to share with our guests the very best our home city of Paris had to offer. Where better than with a very special private after-hours tour of the Louvre?

December 3rd 2018 - by - read
underground IoT geolocation connectivity

Actility’s IoT geolocation helps to protect workers and assets

An IoT connectivity network has been installed in the tunnels of a commuter transit line in France to help monitor and protect the safety of workers and to track tools and assets below ground. Our client selected a LoRaWAN network powered by Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise connectivity platform to provide the underground IoT geolocation connectivity required. […]

November 12th 2018 - by - read