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“If you build it, they will come!”

Unless you are a Baby boomer or Generation X, this may mean nothing to you! “If you build it, they will come!” Is a famous quote from a great movie of the late 80s called Field of Dreams. It’s a movie about baseball, the great American sport, and I imagine most Europeans have no idea […]

February 27th 2018 - by - read
300 students gathered to create IoT solutions to turn Khao Yai into a smart national park

Smart National Park 4.0: How Thai students use LoRaWAN to preserve wildlife

I have been a sales engineer with Actility in the Asia-Pacific region for two years now. 2018 started with a CAT Telecom IoT Challenge gathering 300 student developers. I joined the event to support the Thai operator with my LoRaWAN expertise and the ThingPark developer tools.

February 9th 2018 - by - read
A Click & Go package includes ioT sensors, a gateway, a LoRaWAN connectivity subscription as well as a data treatment app subscription.

Actility launches Click & Go to facilitate IoT adoption

My IoT business developer experience takes me regularly to LoRa Alliance meetings… But this Amsterdam session has a special flavor for me: I’m proud to share the launch of a new digital service: Click & Go, a set of end-to-end vertical solutions ready to use!

February 6th 2018 - by - read
The tracker intercepts GPS signals from visible satellites. It transmits compressed data collected from a GPS front-end to GPS assistance server via a LoraWAN network. The GPS assistance server computes location, then sends the results to the application server.

Low power GPS: The power of LPWAN harnessed for location and tracking

You may know that Assisted GPS or A-GPS was a Telco industry innovation enabling quick and precise location on mobile phones. But did you know that Abeeway recently adapted this technology to IoT devices and LoRaWAN, creating "Low Power GPS"?

January 18th 2018 - by - read
Over the coming months, you'll see a number of changes big and small in Manchester.

CityVerve: A smarter Manchester springs to life

Did you know that Actility, working with Cisco, is the power behind the LoRaWAN network deployed for the CityVerve smart city project in Manchester?

January 11th 2018 - by - read
2017 was a fruitful year for new use cases implemented.

2017: Actility in the Spotlights

Celebrating our ten-year birthday in 2017, Actility stood in the spotlights for prestigious awards and acknowledgments. We are proud to share them as 2018 starts!

January 3rd 2018 - by - read
IBM Watson Helsinki Summit

Watson Helsinki Summit: The Magic Show by Digita, Watson IoT and ThingPark

On 18 October, Guy Shelbourne and myself Mark Maidman were invited to attend the IBM Watson Helsinki Summit by our Finnish partner Digita. We told visitors the unheard of capabilities of a public LoRaWAN network, coupled with Watson IoT analytics and ThingPark. Here’s the full story!

November 28th 2017 - by - read

Take the Pulse of the Fast West with Deloitte France’s Tech Awards

  As 2017 is drawing to an end, we’re well into the business ceremonies season! Last month, I was representing Actility as the incumbent Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2017 EY France awards. On 9 November, we were back in the spotlights with the Technology Fast 50 West French award. The event organized by […]

November 21st 2017 - by - read

New LoRaWAN specs straight from the Alliance’s oven to your plate

There’s excellent news coming from the LoRa Alliance: the core LoRaWAN specifications enabling passive roaming are coming out of the oven! As a co-chair of the LoRa Alliance Technical Committee, it’s my pleasure to present you our latest treats on roaming, security, Class B, and standalone Join Server. The Technical Committee has been working on […]

November 2nd 2017 - by - read
Key moments at EY France

Key moments at the EY France Start-up of The Year Awards Ceremony 2017

Here I was again at the prestigious Salle Pleyel for the 25th EY France Entrepreneur of the Year awards ceremony. Participating this year was Christophe Barbier from L’Express, Arnaud Le Gal from Les Echos and Jean-Francois Royer from EY as Master of Ceremonies, accompanied by a band playing pop standards and a couple of entertaining […]

October 24th 2017 - by - read