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Ahmed Bouna, MENA sales lead on the Actility booth at IoTX Dubai.

Actility’s IoT perspectives in the Middle East from oil rigs to happiness meters

As the sales lead for the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), me and my team attended IoTx event in Dubai (21-23 May). Let me share some feedbacks on this event as well as my insights on LPWA technologies adoption in my region, which is an IoT sweet spot.

June 19th 2017 - by - read

Actility is at Cisco Live Las Vegas!

IoT is the new frontier, as space once was in the 1960's for the Kennedy administration. Actility is proud to invite you to join us at Cisco live Las Vegas 25-29 June!

May 18th 2017 - by - read
NKE Watteco's smart energy sensors for connected buildings.

Looking for smart energy sensors? What is essential is invisible to the eye!

Alongside with its partner Actility, NKE Watteco helped develop the LoRAWAN™ technology. NKE’s core business is to manufacture smart energy sensors. Actility provides NKE with technological expertse, use cases, and business opportunities worldwide.

April 26th 2017 - by - read

Innovation is the way to overcome the energy industry’s crisis

The energy transition will not happen because it is not a transition. It will be a fast, brutal and systemic revolution. An exponential curve. That was the key takeaway at the Accenture roundtable held on March 21st in Paris. “No public policy of any kind has ever provoked the major changes that affected our societies”, […]

April 21st 2017 - by - read