How LoRaWAN boosts smart water management for your industry

Webinar: How LoRaWAN boosts smart water management for your industry​
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Webinar: How LoRaWAN boosts smart water management for your industry


Monday, 23rd September 2019 | 2:00 PM GMT +2 


Reduce water waste and reap long-term benefits

Saving water will never be a cliché. This is especially true to cities and townships as they treat it as an increasingly precious resource. For this reason, it is even more important to carry out effective metering and monitoring to ensure accurate data-driven water management.  

Birdz/Veolia and Actility join forces to bring you these key lessons in this webinar:

    1. How LoRaWAN is disrupting the smart water meter market 
    2. The benefits of using LoRaWAN-enabled water meters in your organization 
    3. Why Birdz/Veolia chose LoRaWAN to implement the biggest connected water meter deployment in the world 

Meet our industry-recognized speakers


Bruno Hamamlian

Director of International and Strategic Marketing, Birdz/Veolia 

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Olivier Hersent 

Chief Executive Officer, Actility 

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Actility proudly receives ISO 9001:2015 certification

The Actility Newsroom


Contact: Gabor Pop, Actility


Actility proudly receives ISO 9001:2015 certification

A Commitment to Continuous Delivery of Quality Products and Services to Clients

iso 9001:2015 actility

[PARIS, FRANCE, September 4, 2019—] Actility happily announces its official ISO 9001:2015 certification after an audit conducted by TÜV Rheinland France in June 2019.

The scope covers the design of connectivity products and services, delivered as software or SaaS, operated by Actility, and trading of equipment, including a radio functionality. The ISO 9001:2015 certification is a globally acclaimed standard that verifies the effectiveness of an organization’s quality management system in addressing client needs with their products and services.

In a rapidly changing world where customer demands continue to evolve, Actility always recognizes the need to innovate and adapt its products and services to satisfy market needs. This is why the company never stops the improvement of its internal processes and keep high quality practices to maintain both product and service excellence. Achieving the ISO 9001:2015 certification is a concrete manifestation of this commitment as it is considered as one of the most meticulous and prestigious standards in the world.

Internally speaking, this is also an attestation to the thorough understanding of employees on each of their roles, including performing best practices in interacting with both colleagues and clients, effective troubleshooting, and suggesting improvements. Being able to do so nurtures a well-organized and harmonious working atmosphere within the company resulting to delivering only the best to its external stakeholders, especially the customers.

As Actility CEO Olivier Hersent said, “[…] Actility passed ISO9001 certification, not just for R&D (research and development) process as often the case in our type of tech company, but for the whole company! This exercise was extremely challenging amidst the storm of regular business; however, it was necessary and extremely useful. […] The process also helped a lot creating more communication across functions.”

tuv rheinland iso certification logo

In addition, he remarks, “Needless to say, as any engine, processes need regular oiling, so this achievement is only the beginning.” Indeed, Actility is steadfast, more than ever, in its dedication to both operational and service excellence for the next years to come.

Actility & ThingPark™ 

Actility connects the industrial internet of things. Our IoT connectivity platform, tools, and fast-growing ecosystem enable our customers to create IoT solutions that transform business, industries, and processes. The ThingPark LPWA platform connects sensors gathering data to cloud applications on any scale, from global or national networks to secure on-campus enterprise solutions, managing devices, data flows and monetization. Our value-added applications and business services enable roaming, device software update, geolocation, and smart grid. Actility is at the heart of a thriving customer ecosystem, connecting solutions partners, supporting developers and device makers preparing their LPWA product for market, and providing an e-commerce Marketplace offering global distribution to solution providers. Actility co-founded the LoRa Alliance and continues to pioneer LPWA networking technology. 


If you would like more information about this topic, please e-mail Gabor Pop at

Build and manage smarter industries with ThingPark.

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VPK monetizes energy flexibility thanks to Demand Response services


VPK monetizes energy flexibility thanks to Demand Response services

Through a transparent partnership with Actility, VPK Paper can further improve the economical efficiency of the investment in its gas turbine

Johan Dhaese, Group Energy & Environment Manager

packaging group

VKP Paper mill in Belgium

890,000 tons
paper production


Reduce the energy bill for heavy industry processes

VPK Packaging Group is a pioneering Western European packaging company. Since 1935, it has been producing protective cardboard packaging for logistics. Its two paper mills in Belgium and France produce 900,000 tons of paper each year, exclusively made from 100% recycled paper.

Since 2015, Actility and VPK Paper, the Belgian packaging paper mill, have partnered to add flexibility to the energy management strategy of VPK. Paper production is an energy-intensive industry. Indeed, producing paper involves heavy electrical machinery and large amounts of steam and heat… which result in substantial electricity bills!

As a heavy industrial in Europe, VPK Group has to comply with stringent energy management constraints on Demand Response services. In-depth process optimization, use of efficient, state-of-the-art technologies, renewable energy and cogeneration of power and heat are key elements of this strategy. Using Actility’s Demand Response (DR) services, VPK Paper has been valorizing its power on reserve markets for two years now and is now looking for new processes to monetize.


Implementing Demand Response in the cogeneration process

Leveraging its expertise in industrial process monetization on Demand Response services, Actility studied VPK Paper’s machinery as well as the Belgian mill’s technical constraints to secure the paper production. It became clear that cogeneration of power and heat using a combined heat and power plant (CHP) was the best process to monetize. 

‘Elementary’… As Mr. Holmes would have said! The CHPs on-site act as the beating heart of the site, running continuously at full load day and night, while providing both electricity and heat for the various processes on the production site.  

In addition to producing energy, the gas turbine CHP can be used to support the electrical grid by reacting to frequency deviations within a few seconds, major power plant outages or unexpected consumption peaks.  Furthermore, some paper machines can be stopped to reduce the stress on the electricity grid when planned in advance.

“Together with VPK Paper, we identified two revenue streams, with frequency containment reserves (Primary Reserve or R1) as an ideal method to generate additional revenues with the CHP and Capacity management reserves for the less reactive paper machines”, comments Arnout Aertgeerts, Energy Portfolio Manager at Actility.

The Belgian utility Elia requires the R1 DR service to control and contain the frequency of the European electricity grid. Using Actility’s advanced DR services, the CHP is equipped with a smart control device, the Actility box.

Actility worked closely with VPK Paper as well as the supplier of the CHP to securely connect the generator to the box. Based on frequency measurement, this device modulates the CHP’s power output only when necessary, severely limiting the impact on the CHP as well as on the paper production. This Actility box runs a local algorithm to deliver the R1 service in a continuous, automatic and decentralized way since the service requires an immediate response to frequency deviations.


Leveraging the flexibility of a CHP on primary reserve

“Thanks to our partnership with Actility and our CHP supplier, we deliver the R1 service fully automated without any need for intervention from our site operators. ”–

Johan Dhaese, Group Energy & Environment Manager VPK Packaging Group

The benefits of implementing this new DR service with Actility are:

  • Easy, secured and seamless set-up of the Actility box on-site.And no upfront investment needed! The box automatically builds a secure VPN access towards Actility with two majors benefits for VPK’s IT teams: no need for their intervention and no unnecessary network risk due to Ethernet points opening.
  • Generate revenues on some of the most gainful DR services in Europe
  • Contribute to electricity grid balancing security supply and security of the electricity grid, which results in a cut in Co2 emissions.

“VPK Paper has been able to deliver R1 perfectly, providing a top-notch service to Actility and Elia.” Johan Dhaese, Group Energy & Environment Manager VPK Packaging Group.

Discover how you could monetize your energy flexibility with Demand Response services!


Watch how you can harness the power of smart grids to optimize your energy management here