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ER Telecom turns to LoRaWAN to accelerate digital transformation in Russia

"Digitization is an absolute priority in Russia and IoT is an obvious way to start for companies and municipalities."

Victor Ratnikov, VP Innovation B2B and IoT

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Connected reindeer pave the way for improved herders’ lives

"This IoT application is about using technology to help keep our traditions going in years to come."

Matti Särkelä, Head of Office

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A Smart Response To a Slovenian Shopping Mall’s High Energy Costs

"Energy management is an economic necessity."

Tomaž Damjan, Energy Manager, BTC City.

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Veolia uses ThingPark Energy to monetize its flexible capacity through Demand Response

"Thanks to Actility's expertise in Energy Management and Demand Response, we extract value from our flexibility as an industrial company."

Christophe Lepoutre, Vice President Energy and Sub-Contracting Procurement, Veolia

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BeitMisk, Lebanon Paves the Way to Smart Cities In the Middle-East

"Turning a city smart is a journey"

Marc Nader, Chief Operating Officer, Data Consult

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In Lebanese Vineyard, LoRaWAN Is Making Wine Better

"IoT is set to push the future of agriculture and farming to the next level"

Maher Choufani, IoT Project Manager. Libatel

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VPK monetizes energy flexibility thanks to Demand Response services

"Through a transparent partnership with Actility, VPK Paper can further improve the economical efficiency of the investment in its gas turbine"

Johan Dhaese, Group Energy & Environment Manager

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Orange uses ThingPark Energy to monetize its back-up batteries

"We are very proud of this smart grid world premiere that contributes to the French electricity grid’s stability while creating immediate and substantial ROI"

Hervé Mallet, Energy Director, Technical & IS Direction, Orange France

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Die Mobiliar Disrupts Itself With A LoRaWAN-Based Tracking Service

"To be successful, we needed an innovative IoT technology partner to develop a LoRaWAN tracking device and a platform to test our business use case. Luckily, with Abeeway we found the perfect partner."

René MEIER, Business Innovations Manager at Die Mobiliar

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LoRaWAN-Connected BoatSecure — A Sailor’s Delight

"Boat owners love playing on their boats and buying new kits. BoatSecure solves a real problem and gives peace of mind that their boat is ready to go whenever they want."

Cam Harris, Marine Electrician

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