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Free online self-service portal and dedicated network for device makers & IoT solution developers - easily connect & debug your device and integrate your applications

Leverage ThingPark developer tools, feature-rich DX APIs, and the market leading LPWAN connectivity platform to to accelerate the industrialisation of your IoT project and your go to market.

Free Self-Service Developer Portal

The ThingPark Developer program is simple, powerful and free to join.

  1. Buy Dedicated developer area within ThingPark Market featuring starter and developer kits, gateways and developer testing & support services
  2. Connect Free registration for a LoRaWAN connectivity developer account + Online Dashboard enabling easy connection of your gateways, devices & applications
  3. Debug Debug your LoRaWAN device with the ThingPark online device qualification tool & Interoperability Test Plan
  4. Integrate Integrate your application with the ThingPark DX API portfolio & a wide range of dataflow connectors to cloud providers
  5. Self Test Self-Test your LoRaWAN devices with ThingPark developer platform

Branded Developer Portal

A fully managed service designed for IoT connectivity service providers to fastrack their IoT ecosystem and foster their IoT developer community leveraging, ThingPark Developer Services & Tools

  1. Leverage your brand as an innovation hub for IoT device makers, applications & local solution providers
  2. Discover & Support IoT projects in your markets from their inception to accelerate your market development initiatives
  3. Use ThingPark IoT developer network, online tools for device markers and application developers, and testing house partnerships to accelerate the onboarding and full qualification of your IoT solutions partners and customers.
  4. Work with the Actility developer program to foster and grow your local developer community through dedicated events and IoT innovation Labs.


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