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Ecosystem Partner Program

The Ecosystem Partner Program (EPP) is focused on delivering customer value through complementary technology solutions. By growing our Partner ecosystem, we aim to create value for customers leveraging the ThingPark platform and our partners’ technologies. Together we simplify the adoption of IoT use cases by extending the capabilities of our LoRaWAN(TM) network server.

As an ecosystem partner, you benefit from a greater brand visibility. Setup of your products is simplified with the implementation of product profiles and decoders. Products can be easily provisioned in just a few clicks. We got rid of all technical complexity. 

End customers looking for high quality partners benefit from the ThingPark Connected label which certifies that products (devices, gateways, and applications) are correctly integrated on the ThingPark Platform. ThingPark Connected products are directly accessible from our ThingPark Enterprise solution.


Partner & product exposure in ThingPark

Partner name and logo

Product name and logo

Product type: Device

Device profile creation

Payload exposure to 3rd party application

Product type: Gateway

Gateway profile creation

Product type: Application

Server integration allowing single click configuration

Number of ThingPark Connected products




Eligibility to ThingPark FOTA Service

Eligibility to Activation service for secure device manufacturing

Marketing benefits

Actility and ThingPark Connected logo usage

Web partner listing

Social media blogging

Newsletter to service provider and distribution channels

Co-branded collateral

Flyer 1 page

Powerpoint deck

Joint webinars

Joint demo * exposure at IoT events

Joint success stories

Press release



Support benefits

Technical support

2 hours

5 hours

LoRaWAN roadmap and training

ThingPark roadmap and new features


Network roll-out

Technical support


Developer portal

Gateway (free access: 1)




Devices (free access: 5)