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Take advantage of accurate low-power geolocation for your IoT projects with our reliable and flexible tracking solution

The energy efficiency of long-range and low-power-consumption LoRaWAN™ connectivity reduces the cost of obtaining location data and enables commercially viable tracking solutions. Our multi-technology track and trace solution is adaptable to different environments and use scenarios. Explore new use cases and create innovative business models based on IoT geolocation.

Implement & leverage

  1. Implement a solution with the best cost efficiency and lowest TCO LoRaWAN communication is optimised for applications requiring a very long battery life time. Actility’s IoT connectivity solutions combined with Abeeway’s geolocation technology deliver the lowest TCO thanks to extended autonomy combined with reduced maintenance and hardware costs. Part of Actility, Abeeway is a market leading provider of disruptive low power geolocation IoT solutions worldwide. Offering the fastest time-to-market, Abeeway delivers a complete end-to-end solution for mission critical IoT applications such as asset management, process optimization and personal safety
  2. Leverage best in class accurate, reliable and flexible low power IoT location platform Benefit from the optimum trade-off between cost, accuracy and device battery life. Better quality of service and adaptive behavior based on multi-technology geolocation and smart configuration of tracking modes. Geofencing, motion tracking, alerting, activity monitoring and more. Tracking connected devices with optimized battery life, low weight, compact and  ruggedized form factors
  3. Limitless use cases and opportunities in geolocation & tracking The combination of Actility’s and Abeeway’s expertise unlocks new uses cases for IoT and new business models for enterprises. Our solution enables to connect things that one could not efficiently trace before. Use our low power location solution for theft-prevention and valuable asset tracking use cases, people safety, animals tracking. Optimize costs in supply chain management, transport and shipment monitoring. Improve business efficiency through increased productivity, better asset utilization and workflow optimisation


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