Carrier grade IoT connectivity platform
to manage your LoRaWAN™/LPWA networks and build IoT solutions

ThingPark™ is our multi-technology scalable IoT connectivity platform allowing you to deploy public and private Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) worldwide, to connect your IoT devices anywhere, gathering data to cloud applications on any scale, through our LoRaWAN network server, thus enabling end-to-end IoT solutions. You can enable new business models, address your vertical markets and maximize benefits from IoT network deployments with our value-added applications and business services: 

LoRaWAN and LTE IoT connectivity solutions

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LoRaWAN network solutions

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LTE-M and NB-IoT OSS solutions

Network-based location

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IoT peering hub

IoT services

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Large-scale secure device activation

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Firmware over-the-air update

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Dataflow management

Service orchestration and business enablement

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Service orchestration for end-to-end IoT offer building

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Ecosystem on-boarding

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IoT sensors and applications marketplace

Actility is the world leader in IoT networks management

Actility has a strong background in large-scale project delivery and a heritage in carrier-grade systems, with leading customer deployments worldwide, making it the global leader in IoT connectivity solutions deployment.  With almost all the major LPWAN national networks in the world using the ThingPark platform, Actility manages more than 35,000 antennas deployed in more than 50 countries: Orange in France, a major cable network operator in the US, KPN in the Netherlands, Proximus in Belgium, Swisscom in Switzerland, NNNco in Australia, CAT Telecom in Thailand, NTT in Japan and many others.

Large scale LoRaWAN operators powered by Actility
LoRaWAN gateways on Actility managed networks
Countries use Actility powered IoT networks with Service providers or enterprises

Actility’s ambition is to put IoT at the service of cities, citizens, industries and communities all over the globe. Whether for global or national networks or enterprise solutions, Actility transforms activities, industries and processes by ensuring efficient and secure data transfer, sensor management, operational support system, management of data flows and monetization. Actility is at the heart of a thriving customer ecosystem, connecting solutions partners, supporting developers and device makers preparing their LPWA product for market, and providing an e-commerce Marketplace offering global distribution to solution providers. Actility co-founded the LoRa Alliance and continues to pioneer LPWA networking technology. 

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How can your business benefit from the Internet of Things

The carrier grade IoT connectivity platform

The world’s most popular large-scale LPWA network solution seamlessly integrates LoRaWAN and 3GPP technology and offers the richest and most advanced feature set in a class-leading platform.

The IoT connectivity solution for dedicated enterprise networks

Fast, easy deployment and a simple user interface for your customers to manage their LoRaWAN IoT connectivity, all delivered with carrier grade reliability.

Distribution channel for IoT product

The global distribution channel for your IoT product

Accelerate your go-to-market and sell your products and applications worldwide, building your revenue in the largest e-commerce marketplace for the IoT. 

Transforming your businesses with LPWA IoT

Discover how the IoT can transform your business

All over the world, companies like yours are transforming their businesses with LPWA IoT solutions. Actility can help you find and connect with the right partners to meet your needs.

Feature-rich APIs with LPWA solution for developers

Build on the world’s most widely-used IoT connectivity platform

Access the developer tools, feature-rich APIs and expertise behind the class leading LPWA solution to accelerate your development and optimise your deployment globally.

Make the energy transition work for you

Use smart grid technology to secure your energy supply, maximise your energy efficiency, or monetise the energy flexibility of your industrial assets and facilities.

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