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Join the leading IoT B2B e-commerce marketplace for LPWA solutions

ThingPark Market offers the widest selection of high quality LPWA IoT products provided by highly qualified solutions providers worldwide.
Whether you are an IoT device maker or a distributor, a complete solution provider, or an IoT connectivity provider, ThingPark Market provides a unique e-commerce destination to promote and monetize your products and solutions to system integrators, developers and enterprises, with a one stop shop IoT marketplace experience specifically designed to meet your IoT digital marketing & monetization strategy.

ThingPark Market innovative business model, delivers unique benefits to all participants of the multi-faceted IoT value chain to simplify discovery and e-procurement of IoT solutions, and accelerate their adoption and scaling of IoT across multiple geographies and market verticals.

ThingPark Market delivers ready to use IoT marketplace as a service to ThingPark Connectivity Service Providers through fully tailored customer branded marketplace services.

ThingPark Market is an online B2B marketplace

  1. For IoT solution and communication service providers The marketplace business model accelerates time to market, enabling focus on customer acquisition & life cycle management, leverage their brand and distribution assets, while taking advantage of a global solution ecosystem
  2. Sellers of devices and applications are able to get their solution more easily connected Extend their market reach, shorten their sales cycle, promote their products and services, and build new routes to market
  3. IoT solution buyers, can simplify their procurement through e-commerce processes And easily discover trusted products and applications tested with the ThingPark platform. The available products can be deployed world-wide, covering multiple LoRaWAN use cases and regional variants: EU 868, US915, AU920, EU433, CN470, AS923, R920


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