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Discovery Ag and NNNCo to roll out Connected Country Network powered by Actility to boost Australian...

Actility, the global leader in LPWA IoT Networks, is pleased to announce that its ThingPark platform is powering the rollout of the Connected Country Network in Australia. The Connected Country networ...

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Thanks #CLUS for taking care of the hardworking superheros!
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RT @SteveHopePro: Installing the @Actility tracker in the shuttle bus at #CLUS. See us at booth 4201

Actility Smart Energy solution harnesses Orange batteries to secure France’s electricity grid duri...

Paris, 6 June 2017: French consumers and industry have been protected from power outages on several occasions this winter by Actility’s Smart Grid technology exploiting the capacity of thousands of ...

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IoTCAN partners with Actility to begin rollout of nationwide IoT connectivity network for Canada

Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and IoTCAN, the Canadian communication service provider, today announce they have launched a LoRaWAN network covering the Greater ...

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ThingPark Market marks 6 months open for business by celebrating 150 products on sale to thousands of buyers and visitors

June 14, 2017 | posted by Matt Bacon |
LoRa Alliance All Members’ Meeting, Philadelphia, 13 June 2017: Actility, the industry leader in low power wide area networking, and the innovator behind the ThingPark LPWA IoT platform, today announces that ThingPark Market, its web based e-commerce platform connecting sellers and buyers of LoRaWAN IoT products and services, now features 150 distinct LoRAWAN products, serving thousands of visitors and buyers. LoRaWAN solutions sellers from over 20 countries in Europe and Asia are taking advantage of the trusted IoT marketplace platform to market and sell their LoRaWAN product globally. The available products can be deployed world-wide, covering multiple LoRaWAN use cases and regional variants: EU 868, US915, AU920, EU433, CN470, AS923, R920

“The wide range of products available through ThingPark Market and the rapidly growing number of buyers using the platform to source elements of their IoT solutions demonstrates a clear demand for a trusted hub making connections between IoT solutions sellers and buyers,“ says Actility Senior Vice President for Marketing & Digital, Christophe Francois. “Of course, there’s more to it than a simple shopping cart. Through ThingPark Market, buyers can explore product data sheets, discover how to deploy the sensors and devices, connect with product support and be inspired by examples of existing customer solutions.”

ThingPark Market meets a clear business need in the IoT ecosystem. Sellers of devices and applications will be able to extend their market reach, shorten their sales cycle, promote their products and services, and have easy access to new sales channels. For IoT solution buyers, the advantages include simplifying their procurement process through the e-commerce engine, and easy discovery of trusted products and applications tested with the ThingPark platform

With business cases for IoT applications powerfully impacted by total cost of ownership, lowering solution TCO is a key driver for IoT deployments at scale. ThingPark Market allows IoT products and solution sellers to accelerate economies of scale by addressing a global audience and reducing their marketing and distribution costs through a digital sales channel tailored to their specific needs.

“If the IoT is to become the global game-changer we all expect it to be, then we have to make the deployment of IoT solutions a true digital business. It may take a few years, but our goal is to enable IoT services rollout and fulfilment at scale through end-to-end digital solutions” concludes Actility CEO Mike Mulica.

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