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Discovery Ag and NNNCo to roll out Connected Country Network powered by Actility to boost Australian...

Actility, the global leader in LPWA IoT Networks, is pleased to announce that its ThingPark platform is powering the rollout of the Connected Country Network in Australia. The Connected Country networ...

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Thanks #CLUS for taking care of the hardworking superheros!
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IoTCAN partners with Actility to begin rollout of nationwide IoT connectivity network for Canada

Toronto, Canada, 15 June 2017: Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and IoTCAN, the Canadian communication service provider, today announce they have launched a LoRaWA...

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Actility announces new investors in $75 Million Series D Funding round: Cisco Investments joins as i...

Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) for Internet of Things (IoT), announced today at the LoRa Alliance™ All Members’ Meeting that Cisco Investments has taken a st...

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Innovate and monetise new services with a dedicated IoT network

Existing wireless technologies such as cellular or mesh networks and WIFI are not suitable for connecting billions of battery-powered devices. Current proprietary IoT solutions are too costly, difficult to manage or not able to support applications requiring bidirectional connectivity with 10 to 20 years of battery life. CSPs are seeking capture the huge potential of the Internet of Things through an easy to deploy, cost-effective and fit-for-purpose network. Over half of the large scale national LoRaWAN IoT networks deployed or in deployment to date globally are powered by Actility solutions.

End-to-end expertise to support your public IoT network roll-out
Actility supports carriers LPWA network deployments with radio planning capabilities; we determine the best gateway locations as well as the right network density to optimize your coverage.
The next step is to connect the gateways to the network by installing long range relay (LRR) software. Once connected, gateways send the data to the Actility Core Network Server. The OSS linked to the network server allows you to manage the network, devices and connectivity plans.
After the network is rolled out, Actility ensures network quality through radio condition testing, provides customer support and business related consulting services. Actility provides go-to-market and marketing solutions to help populate the CSP’s network through ThingPark Market, a one-stop-shop to manage ecosystem onboarding and solution selling.
(Connected devices in large volumes generate a huge amount of data. ThingPark X provides a set of data management and analytics tools to add value to and exploit data.)

Accelerate your LPWAN network go to market

ThingPark Wireless offers end-to-end radio access network (RAN) capabilities to service providers by bringing a wide range of carrier grade pre-integrated gateways, RAN planning services and roll-out, commissioning expertise and full-blown OSS and BSS.

Leverage a global LPWAN ecosystem

Actility brings a wide range of IoT devices and applications from the global ThingPark Connected Program to help CSPs capture growing LPWA opportunities. Actility also helps CSPs build their device onboarding program through dev kit distribution, customized hackathons and boot camps.

Maximize data value

Actility’s ThingPark OS platform exposes IoT data in an easy-to-consume way for application developers and third-party IoT platforms. To allow CSPs to capture more revenue, Actility’s ThingPark X platform uses big data driven analytics to help increase efficiency in multiple business areas.