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Actility and Octonion announce a commercial partnership to accelerate the industrialisation of LoRaW...

Actility, the global leader in LPWA networks for the IoT, is pleased to announce a partnership with Octonion, the end-to-end IoT software platform. Octonion will join the ThingPark ecosystem, providin...

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Thanks #CLUS for taking care of the hardworking superheros!
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RT @SteveHopePro: Installing the @Actility tracker in the shuttle bus at #CLUS. See us at booth 4201

Actility partners with Blink Services to bring nationwide IoT connectivity to Sweden

Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and Blink Services, the Swedish company offering connectivity through the open network, LoRaWAN™ and smart city solutions, toda...

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GET Wireless selects Actility to power national LoRaWAN network in Tunisia

Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN), and GET Wireless, North Africa’s leading network system integrator, today announced their partnership to develop a large scale ...

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Solution Energy & Utilities

Advanced data capabilities are transforming the utility sector

Increased regulatory pressure and customer awareness are transforming the utility industry landscape. Competitors leveraging new technologies are entering the market, disrupting a traditionally capital-intensive and low margin business. This makes seizing the opportunity offered by digital transformation even more urgent for utility companies.
As more easily digitized sectors such as banking or retailing have already proved, being at the forefront of the digital transformation is key to capturing new business opportunities.
Burdened by expensive legacy physical assets and facing major cultural changes, utility companies need to be agile and choose the right partners to accelerate their on-going evolution..

Drive your costs down

Collecting new or legacy data streams has never been cheaper and easier. ThingPark Wireless enables you to capitalize on low-cost, long-lasting battery powered sensors to easily capture valuable data to enable better management of your gas, electricity or water networks.

For instance, we provide alternative innovative technologies to avoid deploying costly concentrators in low-density rural areas to enable smart metering. Utilities can rely on our technologies to efficiently retrieve customers’ data.

Analytics capabilities also enable grid issues to be anticipated and trigger the launch of predictive maintenance programs, reducing downtime and associated brand impact and financial costs.

Enrich customer engagement options

There is untapped potential in the services and residential industries for smarter consumption and supervision. We help utilities to be at the forefront of the smart home and smart building revolution to increase customer acquisition and retention rates.

Our insightful algorithms provide valuable information to both utilities and their customers, offering load curve de-aggregation or optimal thermostat commands. This allows customers to better track their own consumption, and avoid the cost of dealing with customers defaults through budget-driven consumption contracts, for example.

Actility is also helping push forward dynamic pricing of commodities for end-users, leveraging battery powered actuators, enabling residential and tertiary customers to react in real time to price signals all year long and really benefit from these new price structures.

Capture emerging high value opportunities

Our customers are can see these systemic changes as opportunities rather than threats. Thingpark powered utilities win most smart city contracts where increased performance and innovation is a key selection criterion.

For example, we are helping our utility customers launch successful demand-response programs, using powerful algorithms to manage nationwide portfolios with hundreds of thousands of contact points, empowering an emerging political vision of smarter communities and territories.

We also help increase the market value of more and more distributed gas and electricity production assets through the efficient monitoring and forecast of their production and availability.