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Actillity supports Levikom in launching world’s first “open v...

To deliver this ground-breaking business proposition, Levikom is teaming up with Actility, the [...]

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Aujourd’hui et demain, une agriculture connectée via @objetconnecte01
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Thx for the mention @frvanitytribune! In B2B we trust :)

Lattelecom partners with Actility to launch national LoRaWAN™ n...

“The new infrastructure will allow smart devices to be connected to a single network, enabling [...]

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Inmarsat and Actility deliver world’s first global LoRaWAN™ n...

Global IoT network empowers applications in Asset Tracking, Agribusiness and Oil & Gas thanks [...]

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Energy & Utilities Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency programs for industrial sites

Actility Energy provides innovative instrumentation and analytics to build your optimization plan

Sensor instrumentation for real-time multi-utility metering

Actility provides a complete and innovative set of sensor instrumentation for all utility meters providing a full real-time data management system.

With a complete diagnostic of your industrial site, we work with your teams to build and run thorough energy efficiency programs for your site.

Non-intrusive indoor and outdoor connectivity network

We leverage the long-range ThingPark Wireless M2M network to easily connect with all relevant processes of large industrial sites.

Learn more about ThingPark Wireless
Powerful saas-based datalogging and analytics tools

Actility Energy provides real-time online analytics tool showing all available energy consumption data from all processes of your industrial site.

Energy consumption data are stored on a highly secure and available infrastructure with access for vertical applications via an Application Programming Interface (API).

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Detailed real-time energy tracking application for all your processes

Why build a real-time multi-utility analytics system?

  • A real time analytics system provides fast diagnostics and allows you to detect fault, suspicious consumption profiles and potential errors in your energy invoices.
  • Actility generates real-time analytics with detailed information on the performance of each process of your site
  • Based leveraging your real-time data, you can build a more efficient energy procurement strategy on energy markets.


Why is Actility’s multi-utility analytics service unique?

  • Benchmark your site’s energy performance in a single dashboard
  • Your analytics system works on your existing utility metering system
  • Get all utility data with one single remote connectivity solution
  • Get updates on your site energy performance in real time



Powerful saas-based graphical tool for real-time sensor data analysis

   SCADA Data import module

   Export module in Excel, CSV or PDF format

   Import module for energy market data

   Alerts, triggers and notifications



ThingPark Wireless

Long range M2M IoT connectivity network

   Connection for long range low power sensors

   Multi-utility sensors (temperature, humidity, Water, CO2, Electricity & Gas) Integration module for industrial automation systems (SCADA, GRAFCET)

   Integration module for industrial automation systems (SCADA, GRAFCET)

   Sensors and remote control systems for sub-meters (Electricity, Gas, Water)

   Secure and high availability data infrastructure




The Actility Network Operations Center


Actility Energy works with your team on defining the best way to integrate and control your energy-intensive processes remotely. Our Operations team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the different stages involving remote control of your sites and works within the constraints defined with your teams.

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