Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

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As a leader in LoRaWAN, Actility forges partnerships with technology solution providers having complementary expertise in the IoT value chain. 

It can be a cloud provider, a LoRaWAN hardware manufacturer, a geolocation platform, a building management system or any type of vertical application. By integrating our solutions together, we increase our joint value proposition. The range of possible IoT applications thus becomes far more compelling for our customers.

We aim to forge partnerships through two programs: ThingPark Embedded and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Program

ThingPark Embedded

ThingPark Embedded enables Solution Providers to include Actility LoRaWAN connectivity in their offer and deliver a complete solution to their customers including sensors, LoRaWAN infrastructure and applications.

ThingPark Embedded allows Solution Providers to leverage a flexible approach to LoRaWAN connectivity and combine public connectivity when available with a private LoRaWAN solution.

If you are a device manufacturer, industry expert, application provider or an organization expert in a specific vertical or market segment wanting to build or complete your offer by packaging Actility ThingPark connectivity, then ThingPark Embedded is for you.

The benefits

  • Embed Actility technology to simplify aggregation and deliver sensor’s data. 
  • Easily create a LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure by deploying pre-staged gateways.
  • Build your infrastructure without limits.
  • Ensure consistent data delivery by leveraging existing connectivity options such as public networks.
  • Gain agility and scalability with a consistent set of tools & services to operate  and manage devices and data delivery sourcing.
  • Capture a hypergrowth market.

OEM Partner Program

The OEM program is intended for global enterprises aiming at deploying solutions based on cloud applications and high volumes of LoRaWAN devices, worldwide.

This modular program is designed to speed up every phase of your product lifecycle, from the early strategic planning through a consulting program, to your product development (devices/applications) to the exposure and deployment of your solutions, thus decreasing your time-to-market.

The OEM program counts more than 15 modules relying on our ThingPark product suite including among others ThingPark Wireless, our connectivity layer deployed all around the world with more than 50 public nationwide service providers, ThingPark Activation for Secured and Optimised Manufacturing, or ThingPark Exchange, our hub enabling interconnection between public and private LoRaWAN networks 

Expand your value proposition and global business through a go-to-market strategy with us. 

The benefits

Right the first time: benefit from the proven and widely adopted Actility solutions to remove all the roadblocks preventing the scalable industrialization of your worldwide IoT solutions.

While minimizing errors, identify:

  • The right architecture for your solutions
  • The components to embed on your devices to enable a worldwide deployment
  • How to make sure your devices work properly across all the different radio frequency regions
  • How to rely on the already deployed public LoRaWAN networks while minimizing your application integration costs?
  • How to expose your IoT solution in order to enable efficient direct as well as indirect sales?
  • How to ensure your device legitimacy and data security?

We provide a scalable, cost efficient and easily operable toolbox to create and deploy end-to-end IoT solutions worldwide.