Actility acquires NL Noodvermogenpool, taking the lead in European demand response

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Actility acquires NL Noodvermogenpool, taking the lead in European demand response

European Utility Week, Amsterdam, October 2nd: Actility, the industry leader in the Internet of Energy, today announces that it has acquired NL Noodvermogenpool, the largest demand response aggregator in the Netherlands. Combining the market-leading position and expertise of NL Noodvermogenpool with the innovative technology solutions for smart grid developments offered by Actility’s ThingPark Energy platform will create the undisputed leader in European demand response.

“The energy transition is rapidly unfolding across Europe,” says Cedric De Jonghe, who heads Actility’s Energy Business, “and demand response is a key component”. Smart grid developments improve the security of supply whilst an increasing contribution of renewable energy sources is enabled. This transition creates major opportunities to leverage innovative technologies in energy markets.

NL Noodvermogenpool is a pioneer in demand response in the Netherlands. Established in 2011, it has been providing emergency power to the Dutch transmission system operator TenneT since 2012. NL Noodvermogenpool creates an “emergency power pool” which aggregates the capacity of many partner companies to offer additional power to balance the electricity grid. In addition, this aggregation brings direct economic benefits to flexibility suppliers participating into the pool.

This strategic partnership creates a top European player in the market for smart energy management solutions. Actility’s ThingPark Energy platform offers strong smart grid capabilities covering the full range of demand response services, including process modelling for intelligent consumption and large-scale battery projects.

We are very successful in the Dutch market for both upward and downward emergency power. To meet increasing demand in the rapidly changing energy landscape, we needed a strong technology partner. By combining forces with Actility, NL Noodvermogenpool will continue to lead the evolution of smart grid in the Dutch market and expand its partnerships, with future-proof solutions offers.
Jeroen Schut
Manager, NL Noodvermogenpool

We are delighted to join forces with NL Noodvermogenpool, cementing Actility’s strong position in demand response in Europe. This partnership demonstrates the commitment to building strength in sectors where Actility’s innovative technology can be disruptive. Building upon Actility’s leadership in LPWAN IoT networks, this partnership will also enable to rapidly open new use cases for massive demand response applications leveraging thousands of coordinated participants, particularly in the Netherlands where LoRaWAN already spans the entire country.

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Actility confirms its leadership on the French Demand Response Market with strong market share growth

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Actility confirms its leadership on the French Demand Response Market with strong market share growth

Following the Demand Response tender for 2015, Actility announces significant growth and increase in its market share on the French Demand Response Market

Following the launch of the Demand Response tender for 2015, France’s Transmission Systems Operator (TSO) announced a 300% increase in the total Demand Response contracted capacity compared to 2014. 

Leveraging its strong installed based and increased knowledge of industrial processes used by the largest power consumers, Actility has reported a five-fold increase in its contracted capacity. This sustained growth follows similar announcements in the results for the Brittany Demand Response tender.

Actility’s sustained growth leverages a strong expertise in industrial systems modelling, integration and automation. Actility has successfully led Demand Response programs for large industrial clients through its R&D investments in the in-house Smart-DR automated Demand Response platform.

You can read more about the results of the Demand response capacity tender by RTE below:

Actility confirme son leadership sur le marché de l’effacement avec une forte augmentation de sa part de marché

Suite à l’annonce des résultats de l’appel d’offre Effacement des consommation Actility annonce une augmentation significative de sa base installée et de sa part de marché en France

Suite au lancement de l’appel d’offres « Effacements de consommation » pour l’année 2015, RTE a annoncé une augmentation de 300% du volume des effacements de consommation contractualisés. 

Actility, grâce à la confiance de ses clients existants et une maîtrise grandissante des différents métiers des plus gros consommateurs d’électricité en France, a contractualisé pour l’année 2015 un volume d’effacement près de 5 fois supérieur au volume contractualisé en 2014. Actility augmente ainsi sa part de marché en France suite à la forte progression annoncée récemment lors des résultats de l’appel d’offres sur l’expérimentation sur la région Bretagne.

La progression d’Actility s’appuie sur une intégration et une automatisation réussie des différents systèmes de contrôle et automatismes de ses clients ainsi qu’une modélisation de leurs processus métiers. La réussite des projets d’effacement est également rendue possible grâce à une innovation constante autour de la plateforme Smart-DR d’Actility permettant à ses clients de valoriser à la fois leur flexibilité court terme et leur capacité d’effacement long terme.

Vous pouvez retrouver l’intégralité de la communication de RTE sur les résultats de l’appel d’offre pour les effacements de consommation contractualisée pour l’année 2015 en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous:

DeWatergroep announces the successful implementation of Actility’s Demand Response Platform for managing water pumping stations

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DeWatergroep announces the successful implementation of Actility’s Demand Response Platform for managing water pumping stations

At the European Utility Week event in Amsterdam, the Belgian water utility has announced the successful implementation of Actility’s Smart Automated Demand Response platform to control water pumping stations and leverage their flexibility on energy markets.

The Smart Water project relies also on an agreement with Electrabel acting as current supplier and remunerator for flexibility. Actility has developed an optimal control automation tool taking into account the specific requirements of water distribution companies. Thanks to key modeling innovations and new predictive algorithms, the origination of such a green asset has been possible while ensuring security of operation of the installations and guaranteeing water supply. The energy consumption of the pump responds to price variations, while the level in water tanks and the pressure in the water supply are maintained at a correct level. As a result the energy costs of the water pumping stations are significantly reduced.

The growing integration of renewable energy sources results in highly fluctuating electricity prices. When electricity production from solar or wind farms in the country are above expectations, ELIA’s imbalance prices for a given quarter of an hour decrease, sometimes even to negative values. When such events occur, De Watergroep will respond by adjusting the power consumption of water pumps to store more water than forecasted at lower costs. When electricity consumption exceeds production, imbalance prices will soar, potentially even up to 4500€/MWh in cases where generation capacity would become insufficient to meet demand. During these critical periods, Actility will curtail pumping on the sites and sell the unconsumed electricity to the grid. This benefits both the power system with a more secure grid and De Watergroep by lowering their electricity bill.

You can read the full press release here:

Actility selected as Demand Response operator for the Brittany experimentation for the third consecutive year

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Actility selected as Demand Response operator for the Brittany experimentation for the third consecutive year

For the third consecutive year Actility will be playing a key role in improving demand-side management in the French Brittany region.

For the third consecutive year Actility has been selected as a Demand Response aggregator for the experimentaion in the Brittany region in France. The objective of the experimentation is to counter the electric security issues of the Brittany region which currently produces 12% of its total electric demand. 

The French Transmission Systems Operator (TSO) RTE together with the Brittany Region and the national government has decided to engage all market players, producers and Demand Response operators to play a key role in solving the scarcity issue. 

The experimentation is based on the Adjustment Mechanism market allowing players to define production and voluntary curtailment offers that aim at achieving higher grid stability. The total aggregated power required for the experimentation is 70MW.  After responding to the public RFP on the 2014-2015 experimenation, Actility has been selected by RTE and will be playing a key role byits experience from previous winter seasons. 

Actility will be aggregating sites based in Brittany with a capacity of 1MW or more. For this New experimentation the majority of the aggregated power can potentially be activated in a 30 minutes timeframe. The complementary nature of shorter warning periods with other curtailment requests made with a warning period of 14 hours will allow for a more optimized peak management mechanism. 

Read the full text of the announcement using the link below:

Actility est sélectionné par RTE pour la troisième année consécutive en tant qu’opérateur d’effacement sur l’expérimentation Bretagne

Pour la troisième année consécutive consécutive Actility participera à l’expérimentation Bretagne pour assurer la sécurité électrique de la région pour une puissance totale de 70MW. 

L’objectif de l’expérimentation est de résoudre les problèmes de fragilité électrique de cette région qui liée à une production qui couvre environ 12% de sa consommation en permettant à des acteurs du marché de l’électricité tels qu’Actility de proposer des offres d’effacement de consommation pour répondre aux enjeux d’équilibre entre l’offre et la demande d’électricité. 

Actility lors des précédents hivers a connecté des sites Bretons avec une capacité individuelle de 1MW et plus pouvant répondre à des demandes de RTE en moins de 2 heures. Cette année, RTE Cette année, RTE souhaite rendre la majorité de la puissance disponible mobilisable dans un délai maximum de 2heures et même dans certains cas dans un délai de 30 minutes. 

La complémentarité de ces préavis plus courts avec ceux prévus sur une base de 14h, devrait permettre de répondre de manière plus optimale à la gestion des pointes de consommation.

Pour lire le communiqué de presse dans son intégralité, veuillez utiliser le lien ci-dessous:

Flipo-Richir and Actility announce a common initiative in automated Demand Response for industrial sites equipped with off-grid power generators

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Flipo-Richir and Actility announce a common initiative in automated Demand Response for industrial sites equipped with off-grid power generators

This new offer will allow participating sites to generate revenues from Demand Response programs and cover maintenance costs while maintaining operational continuity

As a next step Actility and Flipo Richir intend to leverage their international presence to push the initiative on other Demand Response markets starting with Belgium and Poland. Flipo-Energia, the polish subsidiary of Flipo-Richir and a leading provider of installation and maintenance services for power generators in Poland will be rolling out the same common solution.

About Actility

Actility is a provider of smart energy management services based on innovative Smart-Grid technology. Actility’s Smart-Grid applications focus on demand optimization and management, including Demand Response, Load Shifting and Admission Control. Actility allows industrial companies to reduce electricity costs by providing demand-side management services together with optimization and modelling software applications.