Actility names Von Cameron Vice President of the Americas & Global Logistics to lead expansion of IoT network adoption

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Actility names Von Cameron Vice President of the Americas & Global Logistics to lead expansion of IoT network adoption

Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the appointment of Von Cameron as Vice President of the Americas & Global Logistics to lead business development and execution in the region.

Cameron possesses decades of experience selling technology solutions to enterprises, communications service providers and governments globally, building successful sales and business development operations and driving new customer acquisition. He previously served as president of Practics, Inc. where he advised companies in the wireless, IoT and digital security industries, including Actility, providing go-to-market strategies, business development guidance, and other professional services.

“The addition of Von Cameron will help further establish Actility as a global leader in industrial IoT solutions in key vertical sectors such as logistics and supply chain, Smart Cities, energy and more, facilitating our growth in the U.S. in particular,” said Mike Mulica, CEO of Actility. “Von’s expertise in the IoT space and broader mobile industry will be invaluable to our efforts.”

Since 2010, Actility has been pioneering the fundamental technology that led to the operating framework of LoRaWAN™ and was a founding member at the launch of the LoRa Alliance in 2015. Today, Actility is the driving force behind a full suite of LPWA IoT software that serves the world’s largest service providers, solution providers and enterprises in capturing the full benefit of IoT’s explosive growth potential.

Cameron has served in senior executive roles at leading technology companies throughout his career, including senior vice president of worldwide sales at Narus Inc., executive vice president at Smith Micro Software, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Fox Technologies, vice president of sales at Openwave Systems, and vice president of business development at Oracle.

“I have worked closely with Mike and his team for the past year in a consulting role and fully appreciate the tremendous value proposition that Actility brings to IoT deployments,” said Cameron. “Having already established a strong presence with key partners such as Comcast and Cisco, I look forward to expanding our IoT integration in the U.S. and the rest of the Americas.”

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler joins Actility board to help shape the Web 3.0 revolution

Photo of Tom Wheeler

The Actility Newsroom

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler joins Actility board to help shape the Web 3.0 revolution

Photo of Tom Wheeler

Actility, the industry leader in low power wide area networking, today announces that Tom Wheeler, former chair of the US Federal Communications Commission in the Obama Administration, has joined the Actility Board. Wheeler is a passionate advocate to the development of internet solutions that increase productivity, believing that the value-add in Web 3.0 will come in leveraging information collected from connected sensors that enhance business processes across all industries, and monetization will no longer be driven only by targeting content at consumers. Wheeler’s appointment demonstrates Actility’s determination to achieve a leading role in that Web 3.0 future.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key manifestation of Web 3.0,” explains Wheeler. “But we need to think bigger than some of our current IoT examples. Web 3.0 is about connecting intelligence in all forms – data, ideas, apps, and ultimately people. That’s why I’m really excited to be able to work with Actility, with its leadership in connecting things, people and companies with intelligence, and its pioneering commitment to enabling and delivering the networks that will underlie the industrial transformation that Web 3.0 will bring. Web 3.0 is the orchestration of information drawn from a Web in which everything is intelligent and online. That orchestration is itself a new product and is at the heart of what Actility does.”

“We’re delighted that Tom has joined Actility,” says CEO Mike Mulica. “His insight and vision for the future resonate powerfully with Actility’s mission of using Low Power Wide Area wireless networks at the edge of the global internet to connect things, pull information, push specific instructions, and orchestrate information flows between devices and intelligent applications in a very cost effective and flexible way. I believe that with Tom’s support, we’ll be able to accelerate the growth of Actility to deliver on the promise of a revolution in industrial productivity and services.”

Tom Wheeler was the 31st Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, appointed by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in November 2013. Prior to working at the FCC, Wheeler worked as a venture capitalist and for many years in the cable and wireless industry, holding positions including President of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA). 

In recognition of his work in promoting the wireless industry, Wheeler was inducted into the Wireless Hall of Fame in 2003.  In 2009, as a result of his work in promoting the growth and prosperity of the cable television industry and its stakeholders was inducted into the Cable Television Hall of Fame. He is the only member of both halls of fame. Cablevision magazine named Wheeler one of the 20 most influential individuals in its history during cable’s 20th anniversary in 1995.

Tom Wheeler, ancien Président de la Commission Fédérale des Telecommunications des Etats Unis (FCC), rejoint le Conseil d’Administration d’Actility pour contribuer au développement de l’internet industriel

Actility, leader des technologies réseau longue portée et basse consommation (LPWA), annonce aujourd’hui la nomination de Tom Wheeler à son Conseil d’Administration . Ancien président de la Commission Fédérale des Telecommunications (FCC) aux Etats-Unis dans l’administration Obama, Tom Wheeler est un des principaux acteurs du développement des services internet haut débit fixe et mobile aux Etats-Unis, et un ardent promoteur d’un internet ouvert au service de l’économie et de la société. Sa conviction est que la nouvelle révolution industrielle sera portée par l’intelligence des données collectées par l’internet des objets, apportant à la fois les gains de productivité, la performance énergétique et la protection de l’environnement indispensables à un modèle de développement économique durable. La nomination de Monsieur Wheeler illustre la volonté d’Actility de jouer un rôle de premier plan dans le développement de l’internet industriel.

« L’internet des objets (IoT) est le fer de lance de l’internet industriel », explique Mr Wheeler. « Nous devons penser bien au-delà des cas d’usage en cours. L’internet 4.0 est un moyen de connecter l’intelligence sous toutes ses formes : les données, les idées,  les applications et même les personnes. C’est pourquoi je suis ravi de pouvoir accompagner le développement d’Actility, qui est un des pionniers de cette révolution. L’internet 4.0 c’est l’intelligence en action dans des nouveaux réseaux où tout est connecté. Orchestrer l’intelligence de ces nouveaux réseaux, d’objects et d’applications est justement le cœur de la technologie et du savoir faire d’Actility. »

« Nous sommes ravis que Tom rejoigne Actility », commente Mike Mulica, PDG d’Actility. « Son expertise et sa vision de l’internet du futur vont nous aider à réaliser notre mission ainsi qu’à accélerer le déploiement des réseaux longue portée et basse consommation – dits LPWA – permettant l’activation de connectivités économiques et flexibles pour tous les capteurs de données et les applications indispensables au développement de l’internet industriel. Grâce au soutien de Tom, je suis convaincu qu’Actility va accélérer sa croissance et contribuer à la troisième révolution industrielle, celle de l’optimisation des resources énergétiques et de l’amélioration de la performance environnementale. »

Tom Wheeler était le 31ème Président de la Commission Fédérale des Communications (FCC), nommé par le Président Obama et confirmé par le Sénat américain en novembre 2013. Avant de rejoindre la FCC, Tom Wheeler a dirigé un fond d’investissement et accompagné le développment de nombreuses sociétés du secteur des telecommunications. Il a également présidé l’Association des Télécommunications et du Câble (NCTA) ainsi que l’Association des Télécommunications Cellulaires et Internet (CTIA) des Etats Unis. 

Tom Wheeler a été distingué en 2003 comme l’une des personnalités les plus influentes de l’industrie des telecommunications en reconnaissance de son action pour le développement de l’internet mobile. Il a été également promu en 2009 pour son action au service du développment des services audiovisuels et de l’internet haut débit par câble aux Etats Unis. Il est la seule personnalité ayant été à ce jour distingué par ces deux professions. En 1995, le magazine Cablevision a désigné Mr. Wheeler comme l’une des 20 personalités, ayant le plus influencé le developement de la television par câble dans l’histoire des Etats-Unis.

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A propos d’Actility

Actility est un leader de l’Internet industriel à l’origine de ThingPark™, plateforme d’infrastructure logicielle dédiée aux solutions IoT. ThingPark d’Actility permet d’opérer des réseaux IoT longue portée et basse consommation (LPWA) de très grande capacité et d’orchestrer la mise en œuvre de solutions IoT interopérables.

ThingPark Wireless est la plateforme de gestion et de supervision de réseaux IoT LPWA utilisée dans la majorité des déploiements nationaux dans le monde.

ThingPark OS  est une plateforme de gestion de services IoT permettant connecter capteurs et tous types d’applications

ThingPark X est un environnement de traitement et de médiation des données collectées par les capteurs vers les applications, hebergées sur les principales plateformes IoT cloud du marché ou des solutions métiers. ThingPark Market est une plateforme e-commerce permettant d’agréger, distribuer et connecter des objets et applications sur la platfeforme ThingPark. Actility est un membre fondateur de l’Alliance LoRa.

Michel Agopian joins Actility as General Manager

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The Actility Newsroom

Michel Agopian joins Actility as General Manager

As the new COO and General Manager, Michel Agopian will bring his IT experience and proven execution capabilities to build the strategy, go to market, alliances & partnerships, and Actility’s field operations team.

Actility, the Internet of Things and Smart Energy management service provider announced today that Michel Agopian had joined the company. Michel will be responsible for all aspects relating to business operations as well as international expansion of Actility’s M2M network alliance ThingPark Wireless. He has extensive experience in international, high-growth software and hardware companies having held different Sales, Marketing and General Management positions in global international companies such Digital Equipment Corporation, UB Networks, Cisco Systems and Symbol Technologies. More recently, as a member of the Executive Management  team at Ipanema Technologies, Michel has been a key contributor to the success of this company raising it from a French start up when he joined 9 years ago, to a major well-recognized global market player in the high competitive WAN Application Performance market.

In joining Actility, as COO and General Manager, Michel anticipates that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have, in the near future, a considerable impact on our everyday lives, helping our societies to become more efficient and progress towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Michel sees Activity perfectly positioned to build the technology and service platform architecture enabling and scaling the use of new applications delivering the promise of the IoT.  Michel also sees Actility Energy as being a key player in European markets opening up to new smart energy management and Demand Response services. Actility Energy currently operates as a Demand Response aggregator in both France and the Benelux.

”Michel brings his IT experience and proven execution capabilities to build the strategy, go to market, alliances, partnerships, and our field operations team. He has a profound ability to see the value of our unique technology differentiators and translate them into tangible first class services. This will help lead the growth of Actility as the market evolves from early adopters to mainstream roll-out,” said Olivier Hersent, Actility CEO & Founder.

Michel graduated from INSA Lyon. He holds an International Marketing degree from INSEAD, and followed the MBA program from IMD Lausanne and IAE Paris. Michel is also a lecturer at HEC-Entrepreneurs business school.

About Actility

Actility is an industry leader in Machine to Machine (M2M) large scale infrastructure with ThingPark®, the new generation standard-based M2M communication platform and ThingPark Wireless the long range low-power wireless network for the Internet of Things (IoT). Actility also provides Smart-Grid services around demand optimization and management, including Demand Response, Load Shifting and Admission Control. Actility is a winner of the French Ministry of Research competition, has obtained the Grand Prix of the Tremplin Entreprise and has been rewarded by Innov’ Eco and CleanTech République for its particularly innovative approach in its Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Visit