NNNCo and Actility ready to begin rollout of Australia’s first nationwide industrial IoT network

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NNNCo and Actility ready to begin rollout of Australia’s first nationwide industrial IoT network

Actility, the industry leader in low power wide area networking, and the National Narrowband Network Co, Australia’s leading LORaWAN network operator, today signed a contract to partner in deploying a national LORaWAN network to catalyse the growth of industrial IoT across Australia. The agreement marks the successful completion of a testing and proof of concept phase, which has demonstrated that NNNCo and Actility can deliver together the key functionality required by customers, including NNNCo’s innovative granular multicast technology, which is today unique in the LPWA domain.

“This agreement is a key step in NNNCo’s commercial network development as we move from a testing phase to commercial roll out of the national narrowband network (NNN). This will occur project-by-project across Australia, in partnership with Actility as NNNCo’s network server provider, “ explains NNNCo Founder and CEO Rob Zagarella. “The big use cases in Australia are water, agriculture, energy monitoring and control, soil moisture, rainfall detection, cattle tracking, building management and people movement. Given Australia’s size and climate, we’ve also had to design in various architectures and gateway solutions to handle many different types of topographies and densities, from built-up urban centres to rural landscapes,” he adds.

“We’re delighted that NNNCo has chosen Actility to support this large-scale network that will enable a wide range of applications across Australia,” says Actility Founder and CTO Olivier Hersent. “Our extensive experience of carrier-grade network solutions, gained through powering almost half the national LPWA networks around the world, will help us support NNNCo through the unique challenges of what is, after all, a continental roll-out as well as a national one. But we have also been very impressed by the innovation we’ve seen from NNNCo in the course of our pilot programme together, and we believe that will be a powerful contribution to the worldwide LoRaWAN ecosystem.”

NNNCo is Australia’s LoRaWAN network operator, dedicated to building and operating a National Narrowband Network for IoT as an end-to-end scalable service offering over a shared network. The company is working with some of the world’s leading energy and water utilities, technology providers and innovators to roll out large-scale, carrier-grade network solutions. Over the past 12 months, NNNCO has become established as a world-leading organisation in understanding the scope, and the limits, of LoRaWAN solutions. The company’s approach has been to focus on a number of key verticals that it believes will have the biggest impact, such as energy, water and smart cities, and it has gone in deep on those verticals with end-to-end solutions.

The new contract comes as the joint NNNCo/Actility trial deployment with Ergon Energy reaches a key milestone, ready to evolve towards a full-scale commercial solution. The testing/PoC stage has been geared towards preparing for the deployment of large-scale network roll-outs that can handle the challenges. NNNCo is now in the final stage of the Ergon Energy proof of concept, which includes 50 production-ready DREDS (Demand Response Enabling Devices).

“We know the network works and we’re on the border between proof of concept and commercial deployments,” explains Zagarella. ”We’re preparing ourselves to access Actility’s network server for commercial roll-out. It’s exciting to be working with a global partner like Actility which is providing network servers to other large operators around the world. Throughout our PoCs NNNCo has had a great working relationship with Actility from a development perspective, to ensure we’re prepared for the commercial deployments such as smart cities, utilities, water and agriculture.”

“This contract is a clear demonstration of how the momentum behind LoRaWAN is building quickly in the Asia-Pacific region,” comments Actility’s Peter Hogewoning, Director of Sales for APAC. “With LoRaWAN already well established in Europe, ground-breaking national and large-scale network roll-outs all around the Pacific Basin are going to be a highlight for the LPWA ecosystem in 2017.”

Actility partners with SoftBank to accelerate the Internet of Things in Japan

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Actility partners with SoftBank to accelerate the Internet of Things in Japan

Actility, the global leader in LPWA network infrastructure and service platforms, is working with SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) to support the roll out of a complete low power wide area network solution which could trigger explosive growth in the IoT in Japan this year. The LoRaWAN network will enable a wide range of applications in Japan, ranging from tracking elderly family members to monitoring the condition of tunnels or automated water metering.

“SoftBank is a recognized global leader in all the important layers of the Internet economy. We are thrilled to be working together with the SoftBank team on their IoT strategy, and in particular, their commitment to LPWA and their forthcoming LoRaWAN deployment in Japan.” Mike Mulica, CEO of Actility

“SoftBank has been impressed with Actility’s deep knowledge of the LPWA market and their efforts in pioneering LoRaWAN. We look forward to building a vibrant LPWA business in Japan through close technology and market collaboration with Actility and their ecosystem partners,” explains Hironobu Tamba, Vice President, Service Platform Strategy & Development Division of SoftBank.

LPWA networks can connect remote sensors and devices over ranges of up to 15km, in heavily built-up urban areas, and with a battery life of up to ten years thanks to extremely efficient power consumption. This capability, coupled with low cost sensors and devices, is expected to drive explosive growth in IoT by transforming the affordability and commercial viability of applications across industry, infrastructure and even at home. SoftBank will provide complete IoT solutions using LoRaWAN, including devices, base stations, IoT network platform, and all the services required to implement these solutions including consulting.

In the future, SoftBank envisages applications in commercial facilities management; smart buildings; equipment monitoring and remote control and tracking in warehouses, for example; automated meter reading of gas and water meters; keeping watch over the elderly and children; road, tunnel and infrastructure monitoring; and transport fleet management.

The simplicity and low cost of LoRaWAN network deployment enable a rapid roll-out for IoT driven specifically by the low power consumption capability. As well, SoftBank expects to enable optimized IoT solutions which take advantage of the capabilities of cellular LTE networks alongside the LPWA network.

Partnering with SoftBank and Actility in this deployment and co-operating in the growth of a LoRaWAN ecosystem are the world’s largest OEM vendor, Foxconn Technology Group (headquartered in Taiwan) and LoRaWAN technology vendor Semtech Corporation (headquartered in the USA). 

Overview of LoRaWAN™

LoRaWAN is an LPWA networking standard developed by the LoRa Alliance, which provides wide area bidirectional connectivity to IoT devices with unprecedentedly low cost and energy efficiency. Over 390 companies have already joined the LoRa Alliance (at September 2nd, 2016), creating the largest IoT solution ecosystem for enterprises and consumers.

LoRaWAN ™ in Japan communicates using the 920MHz. The main features are as follows.

  • Battery life: 10 years or more (*1)
  • Communication range: up to 15km (*2)
  • Base station capacity: 10s of thousands of devices can connect to a single base station (*3)
  • (1) Battery lifetime in the field depends on the communication requirement.
  • (2) communication range is a published values of LoRa Alliance, not the actual range of the deployed services in Japan.
  • (3) Base station capacity depends on the time needed for communication by each connected device

Actility Benelux wins Vlakwa demonstration project around smart water management

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Actility Benelux wins Vlakwa demonstration project around smart water management

The proposed solution is based on Actility’s collaboration with Vlakwa, De Watergroep, Vito, Vub & Snaptonic.

“Beyond the scope of Flanders, this demonstration project will lead to the drastic decline in the cost of drinking water and industrial water monitoring infrastructures through the use of ThingPark Wireless and the Lora technology. The acquired expertise can also be leveraged internationally to drastically reduce the drinking water loss in tanks or pipes, which are estimated at 20-30% worldwide. The drought, caused by global climate change will lead to increased pressure on these water resources. This is one of the biggest problems of global warming,” said Ivo Van Vaerenbergh, Vice-President of Actility Benelux.

About Actility Benelux

Actility Benelux – founded in 2013 – is an energy management service provider for electric load response and curtailment strategies. Actility acts as an automated Demand Response aggregator with the objective of optimizing energy demand management in a Smart Grid context. In addition to a cost reduction, Actility’s Smart-Grid applications allow companies to reduce consumption peaks, encourage the integration of renewable energies and decrease the amount of CO2 produced.  Additionally, Actility Benelux  offers Actility products such as Think Park Wireless ® extremely energy efficient applications for smart utilities, smart mobility, smart buildings and smart logistics with a need for bi-directional communication over a long distance ,whereby Thing Park Cloud ® provides for easy integration of the various IT components. For more information go to www.actility.com.


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