Actility launches Ecosystem Partner Program

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Actility launches Ecosystem Partner Program

Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks, has launched the Ecosystem Partner Program (EPP). This new program is focused on leveraging Actility’s ThingPark platform and partners’ technologies to deliver increased value by providing certified, complementary and scalable IoT solutions.

The Ecosystem Partner Program will help the adoption of IoT use cases by extending the capabilities of Actility’s LoRaWAN™ network server and providing a one-stop-shop for complete IoT solutions.

David Royet, director ecosystem and digital services, Actility, said: “We have established the EPP to simplify everything for our partners by bringing it all under one roof and by removing all technical complexity. In addition, we have improved the setup of our partners’ products with the implementation of dedicated profiles for each device and have also simplified device activation and payload decoding.

“Our service offering and partner numbers continue to grow so we identified the need to develop the Partner ecosystem in a streamlined way that would create value for end customers. We have already had very positive feedback from partners who have converted to the EPP and we look forward to welcoming many more in the coming weeks and months.”

Francis Raimbert, founder and owner, ATIM Radiocommunication said: “Actility’s ecosystem partner program advances our ongoing strong relationship with the company and enables us to further integrate with ThingPark Enterprise and the LoRaWAN ecosystem. Our LoRaWAN products will be presented in the device profiles gaining increased exposure to their other partners. It’s a win-win scenario.”

End customers looking for high-quality partners will benefit from the new ThingPark Connected label which certifies that products including devices, gateways, and applications are correctly integrated on the ThingPark Platform.

By using ThingPark Connected products, Actility’s customers have the assurance they can deploy their IoT use cases simply and efficiently. They can fully focus on their business and work with their validated products.

Actility was launched by IoT industry and LoRaWAN experts in 2010 to accelerate low power global connectivity. Actility co-founded the LoRa Alliance and continues to pioneer low power wide area (LPWA) networking technology.

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ThingPark China accelerates the IoT ecosystem by launching a Developer Lab and Marketplace


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ThingPark China accelerates the IoT ecosystem by launching a Developer Lab and Marketplace

ThingPark China announces the opening of an IoT Ecosystem Lab in Beijing enabling customers to evaluate their IoT solutions, and an online Market which will enable Chinese IoT device and application sellers to market their IoT solutions to business customers in China, and also to benefit from the global audience and IoT sales opportunities enabled by Actility’s ThingPark Market.

Bing Liu, CEO of ThingPark China says, “Our Ecosystem Lab and Marketplace will help accelerate the growth of LoRaWAN-based IoT in China by supporting the local ecosystem at every stage from developing and testing their products to distributing solutions to local customers and taking them to market worldwide. We’re bringing the tried and tested solutions from Actility and adapting them to the needs of the local market.”

Chinese device makers and application developers will be able to create a free account on the ThingPark China developer SaaS platform, hosted in China, giving them access to LoRaWAN connectivity and a suite of tools and APIs, including a self-test capability, to support the integration of their solution with ThingPark. A dedicated Ecosystem Lab facility in Beijing will provide a location with LoRaWAN coverage. Within the facility, developers will be able to use the self-testing tools for devices using the Chinese LoRaWAN frequency bands, and also prepare for international distribution by testing against European, APAC and US channel plans. For customers who prefer to develop and test in their own location, ThingPark China will offer a Developer Kit and gateway pre-configured to connect remotely to the ThingPark China developer platform.

Along with support for developers to create their products, the opening of the ThingPark China Market will provide the opportunity for them to sell local-market IoT products to business customers in China with a user experience optimized for Chinese buyers, and also to sign up to the international ThingPark Market, through which they can sell IoT devices and solutions for any region to customers around the globe, who will be able to buy them in almost 30 different local currencies.

“Here at the LoRa Alliance All-Members Meeting, we can see how quickly the interest and commitment to LoRaWAN is growing in China,” says Bing Liu, “and we’d like to extend an invitation to any company that is interested in adopting, developing and marketing LoRaWAN products globally to join our ecosystem, make use of our lab facilities, developer kits or online tools and sign up for our Market to accelerate their progress in bringing their solution to this dynamic and fast-growing market.”

Actility launches ThingPark Wireless 5.0 with advanced security features, LoRaWAN roaming support and 3GPP IoT standards integration

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Actility launches ThingPark Wireless 5.0 with advanced security features, LoRaWAN roaming support and 3GPP IoT standards integration

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 28 February 2018: Actility announces the release of ThingPark Wireless 5.0, a major upgrade to the world’s most advanced industrial Internet of Things connectivity platform for public IoT networks and service providers. The new release brings advanced security features addressing data security, privacy and reliability, LTE-M & NB-IoT network integration, new tools for deploying and updating device firmware in the field, multicast capability, and support for LoRaWAN roaming and managed customer networks.

“ThingPark Wireless is the world’s most popular LPWA connectivity platform for large-scale IoT networks, already chosen by 50 service providers worldwide to power their rollouts. With this release, Actility remains at the forefront of IoT connectivity technology, addressing our customers’ key requirements, including the most advanced security, 3GPP IoT technology support and new network and device management capabilities addressing key use cases, for example multicast and FUOTA which are key to fully support smart metering applications at scale in the field."With the growing maturity of the market, support for roaming between IoT networks is becoming essential. Our customers have already demonstrated roaming successfully in the field, and ThingPark 5.0 industrialises this capability. At our MWC Booth, 8.0C3, you’ll be able to see the latest LPWA technology in action, with demos of device update using FUOTA, one-click provisioning with Secure Element enabled devices, and 3GPP integration using ThingPark EPC Connector.”

Olivier Hersent, CEO, Actility Tweet

ThingPark 5.0 new and enhanced features include:

Enhanced security

Secure Join Server for device and activation. LoRaWAN 1.1 compliant ThingPark Hardware Security Module offering fully secured on-boarding of provisioning keys from leading secure element manufacturers, delivery of security keys to application providers supporting high-security use cases, and generation of security keys embedded by device makers.


Some applications, such as smart Demand Response in an electricity grid, require communication with a specific group of devices in real time. The ThingPark Reliable Multicast Server (RMS) allows a single message to be delivered simultaneously to defined groups of devices. For example, in a street lighting application, devices can be controlled at the street, neighbourhood or city level.


To ensure long device lifetime in the field and support of devices installed in remote locations, FUOTA offers the ability to update IoT device firmware over the air. This critical service enables the deployment of device firmware upgrades and activation of new features. Since end devices have limited memory and bandwidth, software updates are delivered in segments. ThingPark FUOTA does this fragmentation, delivery and error checking via the RMS, which also reliably manages the update of a large “fleet” of devices in the field.

3GPP-IoT Support

Seamless management of IoT networks combining LoRaWAN, LTE-M or NB-IoT connectivity using ThingPark EPC Connector for maximum flexibility, enabling optimised solutions for specific use cases

Roaming and managed customer networks

Enabling customers to offer global services aggregating connectivity from several LoRaWAN network providers, or to combine public and dedicated enterprise network connectivity, extending the reach of dedicated IoT applications.


ThingPark Billing is designed to simplify the monetization of IoT solutions combining LPWA connectivity (LoRaWAN & LTE-M), applications and devices, in a fast and cost-effective way. ThingPark Billing is pre-integrated with the ThingPark Wireless platform and ThingPark Market, accelerating the go-to-market across multiple distribution channels.

Actility delivers ThingPark Enterprise to meet evolving IoT market needs

ThingPark Enterprise

The Actility Newsroom

Actility delivers ThingPark Enterprise to meet evolving IoT market needs

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 27 February 2018: Actility today announces the release of ThingPark Enterprise, the most powerful and advanced IoT connectivity platform dedicated to enterprise applications. ThingPark Enterprise will enable industrial customers to transform raw data into insight driving smarter decisions with immediate business benefits.

“ThingPark Enterprise is a uniquely powerful solution enabling enterprises to secure their IoT networks, and connect and configure sensors and applications in just a few clicks. Customers will be able to manage data and route it to their chosen cloud platforms with a simple dashboard, and scale their network simply and rapidly to meet evolving business needs,” Olivier Hersent, Actility CEO explains. “We kept the customer central when designing ThingPark Enterprise. Our aim was to deliver a comprehensive end to end solution for dedicated enterprise connectivity.“

ThingPark Enterprise will be distributed exclusively by the Actility Channel Partners around the globe, responding to their customer needs in applications demanding very high security such as protected industrial sites or government services, in on-campus networks for predictive maintenance or factory automation, or in remote locations beyond the reach of existing public IoT networks.

ThingPark Enterprise provides a simple graphical user interface to create and operate a LoraWAN network and add further base stations to expand coverage and scale up. Onboarding additional devices or sensors is straightforward, as is routing sensor data to application servers, to popular public cloud providers including AWS IoT, Azure IoT, GE Predix or to advanced AI platforms such as IBM Watson.

“ThingPark Enterprise enables true IT/OT convergence with an industrial-grade software solution which has been designed to scale up with a reliable and sustainable approach,” says Grégory Guiheneuf, Marketing Director at Factory Systemes. “We have chosen to distribute ThingPark Enterprise so as to offer our customers a secured On-Premise LoRaWAN network infrastructure, totally agnostic from device and gateway makers as well as from service companies. Together with Actility, we are enabling our customers to unleash the true potential of digital transformation, and we are happy to partner for success in the fast growing Industrial IoT era.”

“ThingPark Enterprise provides a fast, easy and secure way for any enterprise to start using dedicated LPWA networks today. Based on open standards and continuously evolving, it is ready for the future,” concludes Actility’s Olivier Hersent.

Watson Helsinki Summit: The Magic Show by Digita, Watson IoT and ThingPark

Watson Helsinki Summit

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Watson Helsinki Summit: The Magic Show by Digita, Watson IoT and ThingPark

IBM Watson - Helsinki Summit

On 18 October, Guy Shelbourne and myself Mark Maidman were invited to attend the IBM Watson Helsinki Summit by our Finnish partner Digita. We told visitors the unheard of capabilities of a public LoRaWAN network, coupled with Watson IoT analytics and ThingPark. Here’s the full story!

IBM Watson… You may know it as “the supercomputer able to play and win Jeopardy against the two best human competitors”. This is how 13-year-old Watson Programmer, TEDx Speaker & Algorithm Developer, Tanmay Bakshi stumbled on it.

The Watson developer embarked on an AI mission to augment human life for people whose disabilities hinder their communication with the outside world. As a matter of facts, the young Canadian prodigy was invited to deliver the closing keynote at the Helsinki Summit.

As a professional, chances are that your company uses Watson IoT analytics and AI to “drive deeper customer relationships, operational excellence and digital transformation”. Noteworthy is that Watson analytics have excellent credentials within Finnish corporations.

Digital adventure

Let me introduce my partner Digita Oy here: it is the leading network provider in Finland. In 2015, the traditional television and radio network operator embarked on a new IoT adventure. 

“We believe that IoT technology will revolutionise our daily lives. In theory, there is no limit to the kinds of applications that are possible”, stated Markus Ala-Hautala, COO of Digita.

At the start of 2017 seasoned IoT solution developer Ari Kuukka joined Digita to head up the IoT business unit deploying a national LoRaWAN network and introducing end-to-end IoT solutions. Since last spring, Ari has been helped by Mika Flinck, as Head of IoT Sales. His role is to productise the new solutions and to accelerate the sales to different industries. …

“LoRaWAN is right here and now! To bring this disruptive technology to the market, we are investing in a national network and integrating our partners’ devices and applications into ready-to-use solutions for Finnish companies.” Mika Flinck, Digita

Connected meeting cube

Could Digita dream of a better opportunity to showcase an integrated IoT solution than the IBM Watson Helsinki Summit? The operator went for a connected workplace demo available on the whole event. Each booth had its mobile Smartblock meeting cube equipped with a temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor. Then you could easily monitor activity and comfort on a dashboard.

Visitors were so impressed by this experience that they asked Digita whether they were running the full demo by themselves! The truth is that the operator orchestrated it with its partner Smartblock

Proud to attend the Watson Summit with our partner, Digita.

Adapt and Package

The second solution partner featured on Digita’s booth I found inspiring is MATOlog founder and Etteplan Chief Technology Officer, Jaakko Ala-Paavola. He presented a condition monitoring solution using a B2C off-the-shelf sensor packaged it with Digita’s IoT network and a user-friendly data visualization app.

“I’m delighted to work with Digita Oy that has the best national coverage and that is trusted by Finnish companies”, comments Ala-Paavola.

This Finnish entre/intrapreneur is used to working with IBM services Watson IoT and Cloud that have a lot of traction in Finland.  A testimony to this popularity is the growing number of visitors at the Helsinki Summit: + 2.000 this year!

“Watson analytics is very popular with our customers and analytics are a natural extension to IoT.” Jaakko Ala-Paavola, MATOlog

The secret gate

Now that you know the scene, the players and the plot… let’s take a look at backstage… technically I mean! As always, Actility’s platform ThingPark is behind LoRaWAN solutions used by companies.

Do you know what happens to the data collected by the sensors once it travels on a LoRaWAN network? How does a Watson customer access it? Where’s the secret gate from LoRa to Watson?

“The secret gate is embedded inside the ThingPark software, it’s called TPX and it’s completely seamless for the end-user!” Alexandre Estela, Actility.

With ThingPark X connectors enabled through DX API, the user only needs to have a Watson IoT account to synchronize device data with this cloud: all further configuration, device creation and bi-directional communication are automatically managed by the ThingPark Platform.

This is the kind of magic we Actility like to offer!

For more details on how to implement LoRaWAN in the UK, Ireland and the Nordics, feel free to contact me here!