The Top Five Best-Selling LoRaWAN Sensors to Sharpen Your Industry’s ‘Senses’

AUGUST 14, 2019 | written by ALAYKKA FOWLER

Integrating IoT (Internet of Things), especially through using sensors, in business operations has increased drastically over the past years.

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In fact, statistics says that by this year, there is an expectation that 92% of industrial organizations will implement some form of IoT in their business. Specifically, at present, 68% of business heads utilize IoT for maintenance and monitoring, while 54% use it for remote processes and operations.

Speaking of sensors, there are currently a lot out there that serve various needs in the industrial sense. From temperature monitoring to water leakage detection, they can help boost operational efficiency and enable informed decisions for the betterment of organizations. However, not all sensors are created equal. This is why we created a list of the top five best-selling LoRaWAN-connected sensors from the ThingPark Marketplace.

Read on to discover these connected devices and what makes them stand out.

Leaks and water damage are the last things that you probably want to deal with in your industrial infrastructure. Initially, little spots on different surfaces may be negligible but as time passes, this can cause damage, especially to equipment. Moreover, server rooms and data centers are of no exception when it comes to possible water damage. This is because they highly utilize water in their cooling systems and once a problem arises, it could cause flooding.

For these reasons, it is ultimately essential to utilize sensors that will alert you at the first sign of water leakage. And the Senlab DTM Outdoor Water Detection Sensor does this well.

Its water cable detection enables the discovery of water presence on the floor. Additionally, this smart wireless module runs on the LoRaWAN connectivity protocol and sends out a notification once it detects water leakages. What makes it truly competitive are its best-in-class features which include long battery life (20 years), rich data content (through datalogging), radio performances, and its advanced set of functionalities. Finally, it covers a wide area of up to 15km, perfect for even outdoor use, and is both local and public network compliant.

Changing temperature and humidity levels can pose various effects not only on the aspect of comfort, but also in different large-scale applications. It is important to monitor these environmental factors because they could affect some processes or equipment. In greenhouses, for example, plants may get “too hot” or “too cold”. Unwanted mildew and fungi can also grow if there is too much humidity.

With this, choosing the right outdoor temperature and humidity sensor is essential to ensure proper monitoring and care of resources.

Senlab T+H is an intelligent LoRaWAN-connected sensor featuring a high-precision remote temperature and humidity measurement capabilities. Specifically, it has an RH accuracy of ± 0.4ºC and ± 3%. The sensor connects with a 0.5-meter cable to the radio module and can measure between -55 ° C to + 125 °, temperature-wise, and 0 to 100%, humidity-wise. With its rugged design and dust- and water-proof characteristic, it can continuously do the job even when exposed to harsh environments.

Finally, since the sensor’s design revolves around custom antenna design, it delivers optimal performance in battery life and range. Its advanced features include data recording (24 points/radio transmissions), high and low temperature notifications, and “over-the-air” configuration. Best of all, it is readily usable on Actility’s LPWA network.

If you are looking for a more affordable temperature and humidity sensor that’s fit for massive deployment in your industry, check out the Lansitec Temperature and Humidity LoRaWAN sensor

It runs on advanced LoRa modulation and has a 5-year operation time: thanks to its lithium battery. This cost-effective LoRaWAN connected device is ideal for a wide array of use cases, like weather stations, HVAC systems, smart agriculture, and building automation.

Moreover, because it has IP64 casing and long battery life, it is very low maintenance making it perfect for outdoor usage. This device is also flexible as the sensor work mode is adjustable through the LoRa network. It is fully compatible for LoRaWAN operations and easy to set up with its plug-and-play feature.

Manhole covers are perhaps one of the most overlooked facilities on city streets since time immemorial. After all, they are just round coverings we see in the ground, right? Absolutely not. In fact, manhole covers are important because they protect underground supply systems, such as electricity supply, water supply, telecommunications, and gas supply networks.

However, due to usual neglect, they are highly vulnerable to unexpected movement such as theft exposing the assets underneath to various risks. To prevent risks like accidents or asset damage, it is essential to monitor the security and status of manhole covers. One of the go-to solutions for this is the NetOP Manhole Sensor.

This long-range wireless sensor is ideal for providing data on manhole cover status. It runs on LoRaWAN connectivity and is easy to install. This highly secure connected device is also maintenance-free, which means it is durable and it becomes less of your worries after installation. Finally, it is suitable for long-term use because it features ultra-low power consumption and it also comes in a compact design.

One of the essentials in stimulating workplace productivity or providing good customer experience is having a comfortable environment. And it’s not only the interior furnishing and amenities that ensure this but it’s also the quality of the indoor atmosphere.

In the workplace, when there is poor air quality indoors, SBS or “sick building syndrome” can arise which affects workers through concentration loss, nausea, fatigue, difficulties in breathing, and headaches. This significantly affects productivity as workers can either become sick or distracted because of the uncomfortable working environment. Meanwhile, for commercial establishments, such as hotels, this could negatively impact the clientele’s experience leading to customer dissatisfaction.

For this reason, monitoring air quality is important to maintain comfort levels. One way to do this is through using a good quality comfort sensor. The CONNIT Green Comfort CO2 Sensor will work this wonder for you.

The device is a remote indoor air quality monitoring solution that measures temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentrations in the air. It enables centralized multiple site monitoring and deploying it is quick and easy due to its compact design. This LoRa-powered solution also lets you set thresholds for these three variables and once levels reach these, the devices send alerts via e-mail or SMS. With the CONNIT Green Comfort CO2 Sensor, you can provide a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for your building or facility, from refreshing, ventilating, heating, to insulating.

Making well-informed choices with the best LoRaWAN-connected sensors

Sensors can take your industry to a whole new level by equipping you with added vision to variables that can incredibly impact your operations.

In fact, these are important components when you want your organization to undergo optimal digital transformation. For this reason, it is only fitting to choose which sensors would be the best to use based on the nature of your field and your requirements.

Aside from this, the kind of connectivity the devices use plays a vital role in helping you achieve the functionalities that you need. In the case of large-scale organizations and industries, LoRaWAN is ideal. Its long-range, low-power nature enables sensors to gather information effectively minus the overly costly investment and regular maintenance.

Sharpen your organization’s senses by using quality sensors with the right connectivity. Through this, you can better make data-driven decisions and optimize your operations leading to lower costs and higher profitability. Indeed, the more informed you are, the more ideal actions you can make.

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