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Enforta and Actility announce deployment of IoT network spanning the vast territory of the Russian ...

Enforta, the Russian telecom operator owned by ER Telecom Holding, and Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks have begun a collaboration to deploy a LoRaWAN wireless netw...

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A great emotional reward “Prix de l’Engagement Sociétal” for the “Les P’tits Doudous” association, to help children…
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Merci @MarcLefevreEY ! Nous sommes fiers d'avoir participé à cette cérémonie et d'avoir passé le flambeau !

Actility acquires NL Noodvermogenpool, taking the lead in European demand response

European Utility Week, Amsterdam, October 2nd: Actility, the industry leader in the Internet of Energy, today announces that it has acquired NL Noodvermogenpool, the largest demand response aggregator...

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Actility and machineQ Demonstrate Asset Tracking Solution at MWC Americas

Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and IoT location solutions, and machineQ, Comcast’s IoT network service and platform, are together demonstrating an asset tracki...

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OLD Energy & Utilities Demand Response

OLD Leveraging your site flexibility to generate new revenues

Actility connects your sites and transforms each megawatt of capacity into new revenues while securing electricity supply

What is Demand Response?

Demand Response(DR) involves a business voluntarily curtailing or reducing electrical consumption in response to a grid emergency, environmental need, price signal, or a financial incentive paid by the business electricity provider.

When an event occurs, customers are notified by the utility and typically respond by shedding or shifting load.

What is a Demand Response Aggregator?

For an industrial site to take advantage of demand response programs, their curtailment volume (measured in kWH, kW) has to meet minimum load requirements and this is often not the case. This is why aggregators are important. Industrial sites that could not otherwise participate in DR programs can now reap the benefits of load response programs through an approved aggregator.

What is Automated Demand Response?

Not all Demand Response providers are Automated DR providers. Customers who sign up to participate in Automated DR will receive automated event signals from Actility. These signals will reach the customer’s sites thanks to Actility’s connectivity solution known as ThingPark. Once a site is connected it can respond to grid events in real-time and initiate pre-programmed DR strategies. Since no human intervention is required by the customer, staff resources are not stretched during an event.




How does Actility use your site flexibility to generate revenues?

ajustement_1Refrigerated warehouses

Refrigerated warehouses represent a significant portion of global energy consumption (around 15%). Compressors used at the core of the refrigeration circuit are the biggest consumers of electricity for a given cold storage. They are generally configured to maintain air temperature between -24° and -18°. Those warehouses demonstrate great flexibility due to a significant thermal inertia: they present extremely high insulation levels and can maintain stock quality during several hours without any active power feed. Actility brings a complete sensor instrumentation solution allowing refrigeration processes to be controlled so that compressors are operating when electricity price levels are low and voluntarily curtailed when prices are high.

pompageWater pumping stations

In a water distribution and treatment station between 80% and 90% of the electricity purchased is used for pumping. The water pumping process shows great flexibility allowing utilities to shift the pumping operation from peak periods to mid and off-peak periods and drive revenues based on compensation from Demand Response curtailment requests or other market mechanisms. Actility Energy controls pumping operations while integrating operational and regulatory limitations to the optimization process such as minimum reservoir security levels and hydraulic limitations. With optimized operations the water pumping generated revenues for each optimized KWh.



Managed service for real-time load control and shifting

   Real time analysis of consumption data

   Forecasting module

  Process modelling and profiling

  Pricing optimization module




Managed service for demand response program management Industrial process modelling

   Industrial process modelling

   Support for all Demand Response models

   Integration of market pricing

   Optimum bidding strategies




Powerful saas-based graphical tool for real-time sensor data analysis

   SCADA Data import module

   Export module in Excel, CSV or PDF format

   Import module for energy market data

   Alerts, triggers and notifications



ThingPark Wireless

Long range M2M IoT connectivity network Connection for long range low power sensors

   Connection for long range low power sensors
   Multi-utility sensors (temperature, humidity, Water, CO2, Electricity & Gas)
   Integration module for industrial automation systems (SCADA, GRAFCET)
   Sensors and remote control systems for sub-meters (Electricity, Gas, Water)
   Secure and high availability data infrastructure



The Actility Network Operations Center

mancomputerActility Energy works with your team on defining the best way to integrate and control your energy-intensive processes remotely. Our Operations team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the different stages involving remote control of your sites and works within the constraints defined with your teams.

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