Proud to announce our partner マクニカネットワークス株式会社 (Macnica Networks) launches prepackaged #LoRaWAN solutions for work environment monitoring in Japan, powered by Actility.👏👏👏

Want to know how #LoRaWAN and Cellular #IoT complement each other? You can find them in our #LoRa vs #3GPP whitepaper here 👇. Enjoy reading!!!

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Actility combines in-depth industry knowledge, a world-leading IoT technology platform, and a fast-growing network of partners to help you make your business more efficient and more sustainable

Connect with the best networks for the Internet of Things

Use the power of our platform to make sense of your data

Accelerate your business innovation with our expertise in IoT technology and services

Join the fastest growing community of partners in IoT

Our solutions

Public Connectivity

Highly scalable

Robust and reliable carrier grade

The most secure IoT platform solution

Fast return on investment

Dedicated enterprise networks

Highly scalable

Easy to roll out

Yearly network subscription model – no cost per device

Geolocation & Tracking

Accurate and reliable geolocation

Power efficient with long field lifetime

Lowest total cost of ownership

Tracking, geofencing, alerting applications

Modular technology: GPS, Low-power GPS, WiFi, LoRAWAN network location


Discover and test LPWA IoT connectivity

Accessible APIs power your applications

Get “ThingPark Connected” to speed your go-to-market

Distribute your solution globally


The largest catalogue of IoT devices to buy

Sell your IoT products online worldwide

Easy to get started

Accelerate your go-to-market

Global distribution with multi-currency billing


Manage and secure your grid

Manage energy efficiency in your facilities

Monetize your energy flexibility

Enabling the energy transition and sustainability

Discover how business is being
transformed by industrial loT

Meet some of the people who explore, innovate, learn and grow with our IoT connectivity solutions every day in their quest to improve their productivity, their business and our world.


Events / News

webinar-device qualification tool Interoperability tests: how to qualify LPWAN devices for ThingPark-powered IoT networks?
webinar-3gpp-lorawan Thanks for having joined our Webinar to understand how 3GPP
& LoRaWAN complement each other
MWC2018 Congratulations to Actility’s IoT experts, partners and customers for this successful MWC 2018 !

Learn how you can benefit from IoT

The carrier grade IoT connectivity platform

The world’s most popular large scale LPWA network solution seamlessly integrates LoRaWAN and 3GPP technology and the richest and most advanced feature set in a class-leading platform.

The IoT connectivity solution optimised for dedicated enterprise networks

Fast, easy deployment and a simple user interface for your customers to manage their IoT connectivity delivered with carrier grade reliability.

The global distribution channel for your IoT product

High level offer description Accelerate your go-to-market and sell your products and applications worldwide, building your revenue in the largest e-commerce marketplace for the IoT.

Make the energy transition work for you

Use smart grid technology to secure your energy supply, maximise your energy efficiency, or monetise the energy flexibility of your industrial assets and facilities.

Discover how the IoT can transform your business

All over the world, companies like yours are transforming their businesses with LPWA IoT solutions. Actility can help you find and connect with the right partners to meet your needs.

Build on the world’s most widely used IoT connectivity platform

Access the developer tools, feature-rich APIs and expertise behind the class leading LPWA solution to accelerate your development and optimise your deployment globally.

Actility-supported LPWA Network deployment

Download the LoRa Device
Developer Guide - in partnership
with Orange

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