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Airport evolution - IoT use cases

Location: Miami, Florida, USA

Date: February 8 & 9 2023

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We are looking forward to attending the 2023 Latin American and Caribbean Airport Expansion Summit with Advantech and Senzary to share more about our work to develop wireless IoT solutions in order to help businesses improve operations, ensure worker safety and save money on costly oversights with our Sky Smart solutions.

Meet us at the summit to learn more about how we can cater to your airport’s specific needs.

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Alex Guskov

Business Development Director Americas

Asset management and tracking for airports with Abeeway

Airport Applications Using IoT and Wireless Sensors

IoT and wireless sensor technology are revolutionizing airport operations, enabling new possibilities for increased efficiency and improved customer experience. From connecting flight control and baggage handling systems to the cloud to real-time tracking of people and assets, airports utilize the latest advances in IoT and sensors to improve their operations and serve their passengers better.

Abeeway delivers high performance easy-to-use tracking solutions that enable localization of your ground support equipment and motorized and non-motorized assets in airports thanks to LoRaWAN technology, the devices can connect with applications for effective data monitoring, operational cost reduction, and deployments with minimal infrastructure.

What are the most common applications for IoT and Wireless sensors in modern airports?

Indoor/Outdoor Tracking:

Utilizing IOT tracking inventory and monitoring airport personnel is no longer challenging for airports. Assets, such as buffers and wheelchairs for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM), can be lost or stolen, and knowing where staff is essential for optimized workflows and resource allocation. Abeeway’s LoRaWAN-connected trackers let you perform real-time indoor asset and personnel geolocation and monitoring through BLE beaconing or WiFi fingerprinting with 2 to 5-m precision.

Mobile asset and GSE fleet tracking for ports and airports

Staff can handle the correct assets across airports operations using Abeeway trackers: dollies, baggage tractors, ground power units, loaders, push backs, refuelers, buses, and so on. Our real-time location, status, and management system ensures asset availability as well as appropriate servicing and calibration.

Environment monitoring

Setting up sensors throughout the airport campus to monitor air quality levels to ensure optimal comfort for passengers in transit.

 Parking space monitoring

 Utilizing motion sensors and wireless cameras, airports can track occupancy rates in parking lots and provide real-time notifications to drivers when a space is available.

People Counting

Utilizing IOT sensors to accurately count the number of people entering or exiting a facility or plane to track occupancy rates, optimize staffing levels, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Smarter cabin cleaning

 With motion sensors, cleaning staff can be notified when cleaning cabins or public areas is necessary to maintain optimal hygiene levels.

Automated baggage handling

By utilizing RFID tags coupled with GPS tracking and weight sensors, baggage handlers can more accurately track shipments and ensure customers get their luggage on time.

Smart queues

Utilizing IOT sensors to monitor the number of people in line at check-in counters and other locations, allowing airports to manage their resources more efficiently.

Smarter lighting

 By integrating light sensors throughout airport buildings, airports can adjust lighting levels based on current conditions, helping to reduce energy costs while still providing optimal illumination for safety purposes.

Entry and exit management

Utilizing facial recognition technology and automated gates, airports can reduce passenger waiting times by streamlining entry and exit processes.

What is LoRa and LoRaWAN white paper techniical overview, benfits and use cases

Learn more about the LoRaWAN technology by downloading the Actility “What is LoRaWAN” white paper