Akenza and Actility Announce Integration Partnership

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Actility – ThingPark™ Wireless Integration into the Akenza Core 

Actility and Akenza AG have partnered up to add even more value to ThingPark™ Wireless, Actility’s multi-technology IoT connectivity platform for public and private Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). It is now possible for Actility clients to natively integrate their accounts into the Akenza Core and completely manage their IoT device fleet and connectivity in one easy-to-use agnostic Enterprise IoT System, designed to help companies and cities build real-time connected solutions.


Now through Akenza Core, companies get direct access to ThingPark™ Wireless to connect IoT devices anywhere, gathering data to cloud applications on any scale through LoRaWAN networks. ThingPark™ Wireless edition is designed for operators, already powering the vast majority of  public nationwide LoRaWAN deployments worldwide. ThingPark™ already manages over 30,000 public network antennas, including KPN, Orange, Proximus or Swisscom networks in Europe, a major cable network operator in the US, CAT, NNNCo or NTT in APAC and many others in over 50 countries.

The native integration of your Actility LoRaWAN Connectivity into the Akenza Core enables you to synchronize and manage existing and new devices from one user interface, alongside other network and sensor technologies. Akenza core is multi-tenant capable, provides an optimized user interface, data processing (rule engine) & data storage capabilities, and a unified experience when using ThingsPark Wireless and other access technologies.


“Actility is a world leader in IoT networks management and has a strong background in large-scale project delivery. We are delighted to include them as one of our partners. Not only do we share a common goal to help clients and networks to achieve their IoT goals, we are also committed to providing a seamless experience for all involved”

Simon Rieser – Simon Rieser, Co-CEO & VP Product, Akenza

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ThingPark™ offers key factors for success of your IoT project: 

  • Full deployment flexibility: private networks with ThingPark™ Enterprise, available with full on-site of SaaS platform, all the way to nationwide public networks.
  • Openness: Networks committed to 15 year+ IoT services cannot afford single supplier dependency. ThingPark™is hardware agnostic and runs over all leading LoRaWAN gateway manufacturers, providing seamless administration interfaces and ensuring that you can always use the hardware best suited for your use case, country of deployment, and budget.ThingPark implements open standards APIs and connectors to all leading IoT cloud platforms.
  • All-inclusive industrial grade service: our SaaS service is fully managed including 365×24/7 monitoring, geo redundancy & high availability. Non-stop upgrades are also managed by Actility.
  • Comprehensive set of value-added services such as reliable multicast, firmware updates (FOTA), Peering/roaming or low-power geolocation services, to go beyond connectivity. 
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“Actility is happy to be integrated into Akenza Core, bringing additional mutual value with a joint effort to facilitate IoT business. Companies deploying IoT Solutions now have a one stop solution service from the Akenza Core, leveraging native integration to Actility ThingPark IoT Platform, enabling them to synchronize and manage IoT devices and networks from one user interface”

Olivier Hersent – CEO & CTO, Actility

About Actility 

Actility is a world leader of industrial-grade Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) for the Internet of Things. Over 50 public network services providers and thousands of enterprises trust the ThingPark Wireless platform all over the world. Actility also provides patented ultra-low power geolocation technologies through its subsidiary Abeeway. The ThingPark platform, ISO 9001 certified and demonstrating 7+ years of field experience in all regions of the world, is the dependable engine behind many innovations which improve the way we grow crops or livestock and enhance safety and productivity of many industries, contributing to a more sustainable economy. ThingPark Market provides the largest selection of interoperable gateways, devices and apps.


About Akenza AG 

Akenza AG is a global technology provider radically simplifying your IoT onboarding process, so you can focus on the last mile of your IoT application. 

Akenza Core 

The Akenza Core, Akenza’s key product, is an easy-to-use agnostic Enterprise IoT System designed to help companies and cities build real-time connected solutions, to decrease time to market with connectivity management, payload parsing and rule engine. Akenza is committed to deliver state of the art security protection with the highest regard to privacy. Integration to your own enterprise system is possible due to open APIs, enabling seamless integration of other platforms and services as well as hosting in various cloud environments. 

Akenza was born in 2017 to deliver fast, easy and cost effective IoT solutions. Founded by Swiss based digital experts Vikram Bhatnagar and Sascha Smolokovski, Akenza is headquartered in the financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich with teams in Amsterdam, Belgrade, Helsinki and Tel Aviv. In the last three years, Akenza has grown very strongly, currently employing 30 employees.

What is LoRa and LoRaWAN white paper techniical overview, benfits and use cases

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