Actility and Arad Collaborate to Revolutionize Water Management with LoRaWAN®

Press Release – June, 2024 – Paris, France

Actility, the world leader in low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) industrial-grade connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things, is proud to announce its collaboration with Arad Group, a global leader in water measurement solutions and services. This partnership highlights the deployment of Arad’s LoRaWAN-based water meters using Actility’s telco-grade connectivity platform, ThingPark Wireless, and the launch of Abeeway Relay.

Enhancing Water Meter Connectivity with ThingPark Wireless

Arad Group has successfully integrated its high-quality water meters with Actility’s ThingPark Wireless platform, creating a robust and reliable solution for water management. This collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency in water measurement and management.

Introducing Abeeway Relay: Extending LoRaWAN® Coverage

In conjunction with this integration, Actility’s subsidiary, Abeeway, is launching the Abeeway LoRaWAN® Relay. This innovative relay extends the radio coverage of LoRaWAN® macrocells to areas beyond their physical reach, ensuring seamless connectivity for devices located in challenging environments such as basements, metallic street cabinets, and other isolated locations.

Key Features of Abeeway LoRaWAN® Relay:

  • Cost-Efficient Coverage: Eliminates dead spots in your LoRaWAN® network at a fraction of the cost of traditional network densification approaches.
  • Extended Communication: Manages up to 15 devices in hard-to-reach locations, significantly optimizing network CAPEX.
  • Battery Operated: Powered by 3 user-replaceable AAA lithium batteries, providing several years of operation depending on usage.
  • Robust Design: Equipped with an internal omnidirectional antenna, waterproof IP68 enclosure, and IK08 shock resistance.
  • Advanced Management: Fully compliant with LoRa Alliance TS011 1.0.0, allowing remote management and easy troubleshooting.

A New Era of Water Management

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the deployment of IoT solutions for smart cities. By integrating Arad’s advanced water meters with Actility’s connectivity platform and the innovative Abeeway Relay, we are setting new standards in accuracy, performance, and reliability for water management systems.

About Arad

Arad Group specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing high quality meters, automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems, and advanced meter data management (MDM) systems and technologies. Arad is a leader in water measurement solutions and services. Providing a complete end-to-end water management solution for today’s smart cities, Arad Group is a fully integrated provider of complete water metering management and control systems that set new standards in accuracy, performance, and reliability.

As of today, Arad has installed hundreds of thousands of LoRaWAN-based water meters and communication networks in urban and rural areas around the world, with a typical reception rate of more than 98%.

About Actility 

Actility is the world leader in low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) industrial-grade connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things. Actility provides its ThingPark™ platform and network technology to deploy, operate and maintain public and private wireless IoT networks within a unified, scalable and versatile network infrastructure. The vast majority of nationwide LoRaWAN® network service providers (over 50) and hundreds of enterprises trust ThingPark™ all over the world. Through its subsidiary Abeeway, Actility also provides patented ultra-low power tracking solutions. ThingPark Market offers the largest selection of interoperable IoT gateways, devices and applications to simplify and accelerate deployment of numerous use cases.

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