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LoRa Alliance Members Meeting in Tokyo

LoRa Alliance Members Meeting in Tokyo

Actility's Alper Yegin's highlights from the LoRa Alliance Members Meeting in Tokyo

November 8th 2018 - by - read
Nicolas Jordan Actility award

Business France and the IE-Club recognize Actility as French Tech leader

Business France and the IE-Club recently organized the 16th presentation of the Trophées de l’International du Numérique (International Digital Awards) – as part of the International Meeting of French Tech – on the 24th of October at the Business France HQ in Paris. As part of this distinguished event, our COO and co-founder Nicolas Jordan […]

October 24th 2018 - by - read
Actility Élysée French Tech

Actility honored at the Élysée Palace in recognition of hyper-growth status

Actility has been honored at the Élysée Palace in Paris. The company has been recognized for its status as a hyper-growth company. The "Pass French Tech" for the 2017-2018 class, brings together 107 companies from three sectors including digital, industry and health.

September 25th 2018 - by - read
ThingPark Baltic Sea User Forum

Sweden raises the bar for LoRaWAN at the ThingPark Baltic Sea User Forum

The second ThingPark Baltic Sea User Forum was recently held in Gothenburg, Sweden, bringing together Actility's clients to share LoraWAN use cases

September 21st 2018 - by - read
The City Hub Alliance was launched in Sweden by Öresundskraft to boost IoT smart city services development in Sweden.

The City Hub Alliance introduces LoRaWAN connectivity as a service in Sweden

LoRaWAN is booming in Sweden. Fiber network companies and municipalities have set up an open national LoRaWAN infrastructure to develop regional smart city services: the City Hub Alliance. Let me introduce its business model that may inspire lots of other countries!

April 6th 2018 - by - read

“If you build it, they will come!”

Unless you are a Baby boomer or Generation X, this may mean nothing to you! “If you build it, they will come!” Is a famous quote from a great movie of the late 80s called Field of Dreams. It’s a movie about baseball, the great American sport, and I imagine most Europeans have no idea […]

February 27th 2018 - by - read
A Click & Go package includes ioT sensors, a gateway, a LoRaWAN connectivity subscription as well as a data treatment app subscription.

Actility launches Click & Go to facilitate IoT adoption

My IoT business developer experience takes me regularly to LoRa Alliance meetings… But this Amsterdam session has a special flavor for me: I’m proud to share the launch of a new digital service: Click & Go, a set of end-to-end vertical solutions ready to use!

February 6th 2018 - by - read
2017 was a fruitful year for new use cases implemented.

2017: Actility in the Spotlights

Celebrating our ten-year birthday in 2017, Actility stood in the spotlights for prestigious awards and acknowledgments. We are proud to share them as 2018 starts!

January 3rd 2018 - by - read
IBM Watson Helsinki Summit

Watson Helsinki Summit: The Magic Show by Digita, Watson IoT and ThingPark

On 18 October, Guy Shelbourne and myself Mark Maidman were invited to attend the IBM Watson Helsinki Summit by our Finnish partner Digita. We told visitors the unheard of capabilities of a public LoRaWAN network, coupled with Watson IoT analytics and ThingPark. Here’s the full story!

November 28th 2017 - by - read
The Road to IoT Riches stops in Europe, the birthplace of LPWA technologies for highlights on a regional ecosystem that is going global.

The Road to IoT Riches, Part 2: From the European birthplace to Global Horizons

Europe is the birthplace of LPWA technologies... How has this ecosytem evolved and what are its current ambitions? In this second blog post on the "Road to IoT Riches", we asked the M2M/IoT industry maven, Stephan Buehler, CTO of the Swiss device manufacturer Omniimpex.

September 18th 2017 - by - read