COVID-19 Proximity Detection and Contact Tracing: Field Experience- Webinar

Thursday March 4th, 2021


People are the most important assets of any organization, and amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, businesses and industries have to ensure secure social distancing and contact tracing to allow their people to feel more confident about working in a co-located physical workplace.

In this webinar, we will be talking about how LoRaWAN® devices can help fight against COVID-19 by detecting proximity and contact tracing among people in areas like offices or public spaces. Join us to learn about:

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Why LoRa® is the choice for Data Privacy & Responsiveness, and how it provides the lightest and most cost-effective infrastructure ? by Raphael Atayi, Senior Manager Integration Partners at Semtech

First, discussion on system operation and data management strictly limited to enterprise facilities, real-time awareness at supervision level, then discussion on simple and inexpensive infrastructure, future proof investment, paid-back by side-savings. 
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How to build reliable metrics for Proximity Detection using LoRaWAN®? by Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility

Discussion around proximity computation index, metrics reliability and why is it needed in the new Covid reality? 
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How Actility customers are using the Covid-19 LoRaWAN® Solution and how geolocation benefits go beyond proximity detection? by  Rohit Gupta, Senior Product Manager at Actility

Discussion on the market drivers of how devices are used for social distancing, for contact tracing its market drivers, then how customers combine Abeeway indoor/outdoor geolocation with GPS/WiFi/BLE is combined with the Proximity Solution.
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How Large Manufacturing and Data Center Facilities in the US benefit from & Abeeway joint solution for Covid-19, by Kara Masteller, Head of Growth at

The award-winning New York-based implemented the Proximity Alert and Contact Tracing Platform in order to ensure business continuity and employee protection for their customers in the USA. logo
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Q&A (20 min)


About the speakers:


Raphael Atayi,
Senior Manager Integration Partners at Semtech

Photo of Olivier Hersent

Olivier Hersent,
CEO at Actility

Photo of Rohit Gupta

Rohit Gupta,
Product Manager at Actility

Kara Masteller

Head of Growth at

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