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LoRaWAN® Live Munich 2024

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Actility proudly participated in the highly anticipated LoRa Alliance Live event in Munich, Germany! This premier gathering brought together the IoT community to explore the latest advancements and opportunities in LoRaWAN® technology.
  • Participants explored the power of LoRaWAN® technology through various presentations and demos, witnessing firsthand how it redefines connectivity.
  • Our marketplace table was a hub for learning about LoRaWAN® products, devices, and services, facilitating meaningful conversations with industry experts.
  • The event provided an excellent platform for exchanging ideas and forming valuable partnerships within the LoRaWAN® community.
  • Attendees gained insights into emerging trends and real-world applications of IoT, enhancing their understanding of the technology’s potential.
  • Live demos offered a hands-on experience with the latest LoRaWAN® features and implementations, showcasing the innovative capabilities of this technology.

Actility at LoRaWAN® Live Munich 2024

Award Wins: We are proud to announce that Actility has won prestigious awards at LoRaWAN® Live Munich 2024! 

  • Leadership Award: Norbert Herbert, Head of Solution Delivery and Ecosystem Integration Actility, for spearheading the establishment of and chairing the new Walk/Drive/Fly-by Task Force to develop LoRaWAN® “last mile” coverage extension.
  • Team Award: Stephane Boudaud and Ramez Soss Actility, Or Sarid Arad Technologies, Carlo Tinella, Semtech. This LoRa Alliance team implemented the LoRaWAN relay feature and performed interoperability to validate the specs and implementations involving the end-device, relay node and the network server. The team also developed several demos to showcase the technology.
  • Innovation Award: Actility and UnaBiz Holdings collaborated to drive network convergence, advancing LoRaWAN® core networks’ position as the “common core” to serve deployments of mixed radio technologies.
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Main Stage Presentations

LoRaWAN® Evolution Alper Yegin, CTO, Actility ; Vice-Chair, LoRa Alliance Alper Yegin’s presentation traced the evolution of LoRaWAN® technology from its inception in 2015 to its current state in 2024. He discussed the expansion of the network into multiple elements and the addition of new capabilities, providing a roadmap of ongoing work to further evolve the technology.
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Successes in Germany’s Industrial Sector: Case Studies

Nadine Jaeger, Sales Director DACH, CZ, PL, Actility Daniel Möst, New Business Development Manager, Pepperl + Fuchs Nadine and Daniel led a session highlighting the transformative power of LoRaWAN® in Germany’s industrial sector. They showcased case studies from leading companies like Henkel, Mercedes, and Airbus, demonstrating how LoRaWAN® enhances operational efficiency and sustainability through innovative solutions.

Panel Discussion: Horizontal and Vertical Growth of Public LoRaWAN® Networks

Alper Yegin, CTO Actility, Vice-Chair LoRa Alliance Lars Brugger, Swisscom Edward Sommerville, Drei Ari Its, Netmore Alper Yegin moderated a live panel featuring leading LoRaWAN® operators. The discussion focused on the deployment of public networks, exploring the challenges and successes in expanding LoRaWAN® technology across various applications and environments.

The partners that we have been serving happily

  • NTT and Lyse Tele were on stage for the Empowering Sustainability: Water Management and Preservation Panel.
  • NTN LoRaWAN®: Bringing Satellite to the Next Level Presentation
  • Navigating the Italgas Nimbus Rollout: Insights from a Cutting-edge Smart Gas Meter Deployment
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Network Sponsor: ThingPark LoRaWAN® Coverage
As a Network Sponsor of the event, Actility provided a live LoRaWAN® network for devices on the marketplace floor. Exhibitors and visitors could connect their devices by creating a free account on the ThingPark Community platform, showcasing their popular use cases.

Our Marketplace Table

Our expo table was a focal point for discovering Actility’s innovative solutions. We showcased news on both the ThingPark and Abeeway products, and deployments from around the world. Visitors engaged with us to learn about the latest developments in their preferred verticals.

Live Demonstrations: See the Latest LoRaWAN® Features in Action

Our colleague Norbert conducted live demos of the latest LoRaWAN® features and product implementations. Attendees experienced:
  • Relay
  • Murata/Abeeway 1WL module
  • DLMS meter with SCHC
  • Network Coverage Tool

Additional Activities

Actility members were also involved in various other activities:

  • Running the Technical Committee meeting
  • Attending the LoRa Alliance Board meeting
  • Showcasing Abeeway trackers/relay and ThingPark Enterprise on the LoRa Alliance Marketplace wall

“We are thrilled to have participated in LoRaWAN® Live Munich 2024, an event that truly highlights the innovation and collaboration within the IoT community. This gathering has provided us with an incredible platform to showcase our latest advancements in LoRaWAN® technology and to connect with industry leaders and peers. The insights and partnerships formed here will undoubtedly drive the future of IoT forward. At Actility, we remain committed to pioneering solutions that enhance connectivity and sustainability across the globe. A special thank you to the LoRa Alliance for hosting this remarkable event and for their continued efforts in fostering the growth and development of the LoRaWAN® ecosystem. Thank you to everyone who joined us in Munich; we look forward to continuing our journey together.”

Olivier Hersent
CEO and Founder – Actility

LoRaWAN® Live Munich 2024 was an action-packed event filled with exciting developments and meaningful engagements. We were thrilled to share our innovations and connect with the IoT community. Thank you to everyone who visited our table and participated in the event. We look forward to continuing the conversation and shaping the future of IoT together. To know more about any of these activities, or other offerings from Actility, please contact us:
What is LoRa and LoRaWAN white paper techniical overview, benfits and use cases

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