Actility at the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things

Sustainability and the Internet of Things

Date: 26th October – 11th November 2022

Location: Hybrid event: in-person and virtual
Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center, Yokohama, Japan

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Attend the event to hear from us

The 8th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WFIoT2022) is the premier event of the Multi-Society IEEE IoT Initiative. You will find a comprehensive and exciting program that brings the latest developments from industry, the business world, the public sector, and the research community.

The World Forum attracts the most prominent people from across the breath of the IoT ecosystem, the latest news of significant innovations and advances from the academic community, and shared experiences from practitioners and end-users about the successes and challenges of IoT deployments. The World Forum is all about the nurture and promotion of IoT for the benefit of society and humanity. The conference is focused on the betterment of life through the responsible and ethical adoption of IoT technologies, applications, and solutions.

Picture of Alper Yegin

Watch a tutorial by a Technology Leader from Actility:

Alper Yegin, VP of Advanced Technology Development at Actility, and Vice-Chair of BoD, Chair of Technical Committee at the LoRa Alliance will be giving a remote tutorial on LoRaWAN technology.

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What is LoRa and LoRaWAN white paper techniical overview, benfits and use cases

Learn more about the LoRaWAN technology by downloading the Actility “What is LoRaWAN” white paper