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IMST announces integration of their LoRa radio solutions with Actility’s ThingPark Wireless IoT network

IMST will be providing new low power bidirectional LoRa radio modules on the LoRa to enable new sensors for the ThingPark Wireless Internet Of Things network.

Amsterdam. 4th of November 2014. IMST, the German expert for wireless solutions based near Dusseldorf announced the integration of their LoRa radio solutions with Actility’s LoRa-based Internet of Things network, ThingPark Wireless. IMST brings their expertise to the growing ThingPark Wireless LoRa eco-system with products such as the compact iM880A-L low-power module and the appropriate USB adapter iU880A designed for industrial control, security/automation, smart metering, smart building and smart city applications. “The Internet of Things will require LoRa-based networks like ThingPark Wireless and wireless modules to enable new sensors for all vertical applications. This partnership with a network provider leverages our business with LoRa solutions,” said Heinz-Syrzisko, Head of Wireless Solutions at IMST.

Enabling sensor development on the ThingPark Wireless long range network

The development of ultra long range low power networks creates new opportunities around the transformation of existing sensors into LoRa-enabled devices. They also stimulate a new market around new use cases made possible with LoRa’s reliable transmission of low data rate signals up to 15 km. This long range enables support for a wide range of applications such as smart home, smart building and smart metering applications. Data captured from IMST solutions are sent through the ThingPark Wireless to third-party smart energy management solutions or can be stored in Actility’s ThingPark Cloud infrastructure. “As an end-to-end Internet of Things service provider, Actility sees new opportunities for new sensors which can be enabled by leveraging IMST’s experience in LoRa based wireless products,” said Olivier Hersent, CEO of Actility.

Time-to-market is very important in launching connected smart sensor solutions and IMST’s solutions provide a cost effective and quick solution for integrating LoRa technology into existing or new products. With their integration with ThingPark Wireless LRR base stations, Actility and IMST simplify and accelerate the first steps of LoRa integration by new smart service providers.

IMST offers integration support for the modules, antenna/hardware design, and software customization. They provide a complete service chain for wireless product development, starting from feasibility analysis and system design to all stages of development – demonstration, prototype, initial production, and full production with regulatory certification. The 180 employees have expertise in all wireless technologies and provide advice regardless of the specific technology.

About Actility

Actility is an industry leader in Machine to Machine (M2M) large scale infrastructure with ThingPark®, the new generation standard-based M2M communication platform. Actility’s ThingPark Wireless® network provides long-range coverage for low-power sensors used in SmartCity, SmartBuilding and Smart Factory applications. Actility also provides the ThingPark Cloud which provides big data storage for sensor data and exposes sensor function through an open API allowing developers to provide vertical applications on top of rolled out sensors. To help vendors transform their sensors Actility provides the ThingPark IoT platform which include embedded software solutions and cloud solutions to help devices connect to innovative applications. Visit

About IMST 

IMST GmbH is a leading design house and development center for wireless modules, communication systems, chip design, antennas, EDA software, and regulatory certification using an in-house accredited/certified regulatory test center.  IMST offers both standard products such as radio modules with hardware/software as well as complete system and product design. Individualized support during every phase of product development including wireless technologies, from initial consulting to series production is one of the unique selling propositions of IMST. For more information, visit

* LoRa is a trademark of Semtech Corporation

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