Actility at IoT Solutions
World Congress

Date: 10-12 May

Location: Barcelona, Spain

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This event showcases the disruptive solutions and technologies that are transforming the industry, and celebrates business and technology executives who are creating powerful competitive advantages. Actility will be speaking at this event represented by Sitha Oum, Senior Project Manager, alongside Volvo, represented by Julien Bertolini, IoT expert at Volvo, presenting:

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Photo of Julien Bertolini from Volvo group
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Sitha Oum

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Julien Bertolini

“VOLVO: A Major Truck Tracking Solution” 

  • May 10, from  13:10 to 13:40, Cybersecurity Congress
  • May 12, from 15:20 to 15:50, Room 1

You will be able to discover all the details on how implementing an innovative truck tracking solution at Volvo factories helps the company improve their work. Hear about the main benefits:

  • Operational costs savings with significantly reduced search time and a gain of operators’ work hours (~200h / year / factory)
  • A better delivery precision (deliver trucks on time to customers)
  • Optimization of the assembly process, with an overview of the parking areas occupancy

You will also be able to hear about all the details and tips on deployments like this one:

  • Important steps to keep in mind to successfully deploy an IIoT solution
  • The main benefits of implementing an IoT LoRaWAN-based tracking solution in factories
  • Understanding key cybersecurity points to leverage in order to build a private LoRa network
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Contact Sitha now if you wish to get an onsite meeting to get  information about Actility and Abeeway products. 


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