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LoRaWAN Roaming
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This is the 3rd edition of our “LoRaWAN® Frontline” Webinar Series, dedicated to the latest and most exciting developments related to the LoRaWAN technology, with feedback from the field coming from our guest partners. In this session we will focus on LoRaWAN network collaboration and Roaming, together with Digita, Schneider Electric, API-K, Helium and Kinéis.

The low-cost and low complexity of LoRaWAN technology proved to be a key enabler for its adoption across networks of all types and sizes. While this accelerated deployment of LoRaWAN networks around the world, it also created the need to integrate independent networks to present unified connectivity services to the end-users. Traditional roaming feature manifested itself as “network collaboration” in this ecosystem due to the collaborative nature of the technology and the players. Today one can see a mix of public, private, community, and satellite networks setting up roaming with each other.

In this webinar we will cover the essential features and enablers of LoRaWAN network collaboration with a chance to hear from every possible variety of networks involved.

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LoRaWAN Roaming Overview (5-10min)

By Alper Yegin, Vice-Chair of the LoRa Alliance, VP of Advanced Technology Development in Actility

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Inner workings, unique and powerful features, extra (beyond coverage) benefits, and step-by-step setting up of LoRaWAN roaming.

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Roaming between public networks (5-10min)

By Ari Kuukka, Vice President, IoT Services at Digita Oy

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Digita is a Finnish provider of digital infrastructure, broadcasting, IoT and private network services.  Digita operates a nationwide LoRaWAN network in Finland. Demand for LoRaWAN roaming is growing both from multinational enterprises as well as solution providers looking to offer their services across several markets. In this presentation we go through various real-life customer cases requiring roaming.

Figure three

Roaming between public and private networks (5-10min)

By Maxime LOIDREAU, IoT Sensors Program Manager, IoT & Digital Offer at Schneider Electric

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Our mission is to be your digital partner for Sustainability and Efficiency. We drive digital transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies and end-point to cloud connecting products. Our recently launched “Prisma Set active” offer integrates natively a LoRaWAN communication. To maximize this connectivity, we rely on a hybrid approach of Private and Public network, running a Schneider Electric LoRaWAN Network (including Gateways for Private network) and leveraging nationwide coverage from various Telco in Europe via passive roaming.

Figure four

Roaming between private networks (5-10min)

By Nicolas Sornin, Inventor of LoRa technology and a Shareholder at API-K

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API-K manufactures and operates a safety solution for outdoor mountain users. This solution uses LoRaWAN as its main wireless networking technology, as such API-K also installs and operates a private LoRaWAN network covering ski resorts and previously totally white areas of the French, Swiss and Italian alps. In a partnership with Veolia, this infrastructure is leveraged to collect commercially deployed LoRaWAN water meters in mountainous areas. The interconnection between API-K and Veolia’s backend is achieved through the Roaming hub.

Figure five

Roaming with community networks (5-10min)

By Mark Phillips, VP Business Development at Helium Systems

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Helium Network overview, highlighting roaming integrations and capabilities.

Figure six

Roaming with satellite networks (5-10min)

By Claire Mignonat, Product Marketing Manager at Kineis

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Kinéis is a satellite operator and global connectivity provider. Offering a unique combination of low cost and low power technologies tailored for IoT supported by a global satellite system, Kinéis enables customers to get visibility over their assets worldwide and accelerate their digital transformation. By getting integrated with the ThingPark Exhange ecosystem, Kinéis makes the satellite network coverage available to any terrestrial LoRaWAN network provider, public or private.

Figure seven

Q&A Session (20-30min)

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