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The biggest LoRaWAN® event ever. How did it go ?

The LoRaWAN World Expo 2022 has been a success! The event has gathered over 1,400 people from all over the globe, uniting enterprises, device makers, system integrators, distributors, developers, solution providers, educational institutions, IoT alliances, influencers, and many more, making this event the largest global LoRaWAN event of the year. We want to send a big thank you to all our Partners and Customers for having joined us and to the LoRa Alliance for allowing visitors from all around the world come together after two long years of on-line meetings, to finally rejoin and share our common interests.

Awards won by Actility People
Actility-featured Speeches
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“This event really marked a turning point for LoRaWAN: it is now recognized as a dependable technology for large scale operations by major public and private sector organizations, like Total or US Federal, and 5G is no longer perceived as a threat, but rather a complementary technology. As a result, the ecosystem is thriving, and the number of sensors presented was overwhelming. Actility team felt very proud to be at the core of this ecosystem, both at the technology level, as the official network of the event, mediating all data flows to Microsoft and other Partners, mediating between private, public and satellite networks, and at the business level with thousands of devices transacted through ThingPark Market”

Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility 

Photo of Olivier Hersent

Actility Awards

Actility came out as one of the main winners at the expo, after being awarded with 5 prizes! 

  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Olivier Hersent: Founder & CTO, Actility; Member of the LoRa Alliance Board of Directors.
  • Distinguished Service Award – Ramez Soss: Senior RF Expert and Wireless Product Manager, Actility.
  • Team Award – Actility and Arad Technologies, who worked together over three years to get LoRaWAN approved by the Ministry of Communication in Israel
  • Innovation Award – Actility, for leading the development of LoRaWAN roaming and being the first network vendor to implement, interoperate, and commercially deploy this feature
  • Team Award: Standards Development Organization (SDO) Task Force Team– Olivier Beaujard, Semtech, lead; Olivier Dubuisson, Orange; Dave Kjendal, Senet; Olivier Seller, Semtech; Alper Yegin, Actility

Discover 11 Actility-features Speeches:

We invite you to watch the following speaking slots at which Actility Experts & Partners will bring you details and news about our various exciting projects and deployments around the world. 

“Mind Over Matter” Actility Keynote

By Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility 

We all know about IoT as a technology. This presentation is about it’s purpose. What is the ultimate goal of all this technology ? What is it that energizes hundreds of companies to fight everyday in this extremely difficult market ? Maybe the IoT is not about “Things” at all.

Resuming, deepening roots into matter to elevate into the cloud. This is what IoT and Actility are about.

Photo of Olivier Hersent
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How Total Energies is Implementing IoT LoRaWAN Use Cases 

Elyess Kammoun, TGS/TGITS/MTE/IND/SII, Solution Manager, TOTAL Global Services

Total presents multiple exciting use cases deployed on Actility’s ThingPark Platform, using dozens of thousands of LoRaWAN devices for asset tracking, predictive maintenance, environment monitoring and energy efficiency, deploying in 30 factories un Europe already with projects to implement those IoT Solutions on all continents.

Photo of Elyess Kammoun
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Cisco Use Cases and Deployment Methodologies for Large Enterprises and Governments

By Michel Harttree, Federal IoT Architect at Cisco, who explores how IoT deployments, using LoRaWAN and Actility’s ThingPark Platform, modernize US Government missions. Safety and efficiency improvements have become major concerns for governments and military around the world, but security concerns and scalability issues need to be addressed. The major benefits of LoRaWAN address the concerns, and we have learn many valuable and practical lessons in these deployments.

Photo of Michel Harttree
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Smart Building Use Case Presentation by Beyond Eyes at Microsoft Keynote 

by Tony Shakib, Partner/GM, Microsoft Azure IoT, with guest speaker Remco van Woensel, Product Owner at Beyond Eyes, Heijmans

Microsoft presents various use cases that leverage LoRaWan plus Azure, with compelling customer examples, some of them done on Actility’s ThingPark Platform. For instance, 20,000 Smart Building IoT Sensors deployed by Beyond Eyes, who provides together with, Clickey, Microsoft and Actility, a smart building solution and several data-driven services for clients, based on a wide variety of building types, including offices, museums, universities, hospitals and others. 

Photo of Tony Shakib
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How LoRaWAN Can Help Utilities in Their Journey of Digital Transformation

Birdz and Actility are working jointly on a 3M LoRaWAN water meter deployment through OBS, which use Actility to operate their French nationwide LoRaWAN network, and had agreed with Birdz-Veolia to use it for this project. At this session, Laure Simon, Project Director at VEOLIA, will provide an insight on this massive project, along wiht insights from Remi Demerle , Marketing Director, Semtech), Damien Fresier (Project Manager Greenalp), Juan Villar (Chief Operating Officer,  Nortegas Energía). 

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In conversation with the inventors of LoRaWAN

Nicolas Sornin, Chief Scientist Officer at API-K, Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility, Olivier Seller, Technical Fellow – Wireless IP at Semtech: all three are the true inventors of LoRaWAN. Hear their insights on the development of this technology at this dedicated discussion.

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NNNCo: For the First Time with LoRaWAN

National Narrowband Network Company (NNNCo), operator of the Australian national LoRaWAN® network powered by Actility, has joined ThingPark Exchange to cover the most remote parts of Australia. Speakers Rob Zagarella (Co-Founder & CEO) and Tony Tilbrook (CTO/COO) from NNNCo will talk about their deployements and use cases, and, among other things, about roaming and multicast capabilities of LoRaWAN, which, combined with the ubiquitous and sustainable nature of the network and a dynamic ecosystem.

Photo of Tony Tilbrook
Photo of Rob Zagarella

Scaling LoRaWAN solutions with AWS

In this session, Mike Rohrmoser, Segment Lead at Amazon Web Services and Gaurav Gupta, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, will cover how the AWS’s 1-click integration with LNS providers like Actility make it easy for customers to simplify deployment at scale and drive business outcome. Actility’s integration with AWS IoT and ThingPark’s availability AWS Marketplace will be highlighted.  

Photo of Mike Rohrmoser
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LoRaWAN End-to-End Security Walk-Through: Ensuring IoT Security Today and Tomorrow

By Alper Yegin, Vice-Chair of the LoRa Alliance, VP of Advanced Technology Development in Actility, Ramez Soss, Wireless Product Manager at Actility, along with Dave Kjendal (CTO Senet), Prasad Kandikonda (Vice President of Engineering, Multi-Tech Systems), Martin Wuthrich (Manager Embedded FW, Semtech). This is a must-watch session for those who want to understand how and why LoRaWAN incorporates and implements security in every step of the IoT end-to-end process. LoRa Alliance member experts will take you through a step-by-step talk of LoRaWAN security from the sensor through to the cloud.

Picture of Alper Yegin
Photo of Ramez Soss
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Satellite Connectivity Enabled with LoRaWAN

By Alper Yegin, Vice-Chair of the LoRa Alliance, VP of Advanced Technology Development in Actility, along with Remi Lorrain, LoRaWAN Network Director, Semtech,
Telemaco Melia, Vice-President, General Manager EchoStar Mobile, Luc Perard, Senior Vice President, IoT Business, Eutelsat, Rob Spurrett, Co-Founder & CEO, Lacuna Space

Picture of Alper Yegin
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Diversity of Network & Business Models with LoRaWAN 

By Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility and panelists from each operator type; private, public, hybrid, co-op and satellite and panelists from: NNNCo, Everynet, Senet, Senra, Helium, ATC Brazil. Are you aware that LoRaWAN open ecosystem fosters Network Business Model innovation ? Did you know that LoRaWAN Network providers are able to set-up and combine any type of Networks : Public, Private, Community, terrestrial and satellite, applying any service model ?

Photo of Olivier Hersent
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 "LoRaWAN in Action" Venue Monitoring Inside the Palais des Congrès!

Screen abw-demo

During the whole event, an Actility ThingPark Enterprise LoRaWAN private network was reporting live temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide and occupancy statuses using data from Elsys, Parametric and Sensative sensors installed around the facility. The sensor values will be transmitted using Motorola LoRaWAN gateways and visualized using IoThink’s KHEIRON Studio. 

Moreover, fifty attendees were equipped with Abeeway smart badges whose locations will be updated on the event floor plan in real time.

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In-depth technical Demos at Actility Booth

Actility Experts & our Partners brought details and news about our various products and solutions, LoRaWAN best practices, features and benefits, ease of deployment,  through dynamic sessions and interactive live demonstrations. 

Simplified device provisioning through standardized QR codes.

Join us to see Actility’s demonstration of how to leverage the standard QR code format specified by the LoRa Alliance to easily provision your devices on ThingPark in just 2 clicks. The live demonstration will use Abeeway devices pre-commissioned on ThingPark Activation service.

Photo of Ramez Soss
Photo of Norbert Herbert

Demo will be presented to you by our experts Ramez Soss, Wireless Product Manager at Actility,  and Norbert Herbert, Head of Solution Delivery & Ecosystem integration

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WMW Hub: Multi-purpose IoT Business Application for data processing and analysis

Picture of Bert Vanaken
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WMW will showcase its one single centric HMI/UI application
dashboard showing various data measured at the event: Indoor tracking using Zone detection & triangulation on BLE with Abeeway devicesSet management, geofencing reporting for entry & exits, panic button, live alert map view (NOC / control room) – link with triage system, social distancing. Moreover, it will present data for Temperature, Humidity, Light, CO2 and Presence sensors at the Palais de Congrès. 

Demo will be presented to you by our experts by Bert Vanaken, Founder & CEO at WMW-Hub.

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LoRaWAN Firmware Update Over the Air with STMicroelectronics

Photo of Eel Breton
Photo of Jean Paul Coupigny

Demo will showcase the benefits of smart delta patch vs full firmware campaigns, the ease to create smart delta patches in FUOTA UI, the scalability of the solution, functional and user-friendly GUI, Reference device code for STM32WL55 (very soon) publicly available, making introduction to FUOTA easy.

Demo will be presented to you by Ael Breton, FUOTA Product Manager at Actility and Jean-Paul Coupigny, Principal Engineer at STMicro. Please contact Ael at ael.breton@actility if you wish to see the demo during the event.

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LoRaWAN over IPV6: Acklio x Actility Demo Electricity Metering

Photo of Norbert Herbert

Demo dedicated to smart electricity metering, showcasing seamless DLMS over IPv6 over LoRaWAN operations between a meter and head and system. This leverages Acklio’s SCHC adaptation layer and Actility’s ThingPark. 

Demo will be presented to you by our experts by Hussein Al Haj Hassan, Standardization & Research Engineer at Acklio, and Norbert Herbert, Head of Solution Delivery & Ecosystem integration, Actility 

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ThingPark LoRaWAN Roaming Demo

Picture of Alper Yegin

We’ll demonstrate how LoRaWAN roaming works among public, private, and community networks, involving both terrestrial and satellite ones. Demo will include our partners KPN, Helium, API-K, and Kineis, and our products ThingPark Exchange, ThingPark Wireless, ThingPark RAN Connector, and Abeeway trackers.

Demo will be presented to you by  Thibault Bergeras, Technical Manager in Actility  and Alper Yegin, Vice-Chair of the LoRa Alliance, VP of Advanced Technology Development in Actility.

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ThingPark Market, the LoRaWAN marketplace

This demo will give you a tour on ThingPark Market, which is Actlity’s marketplace. You will discover how easy it is to join the community of sellers, onboard your products and boost your sales with us. Whether you are interested in selling your own products (sensors, gateways, applications, integrated solutions, accessories), or looking for a single interface where you can buy the needed items to start your IoT project, this is the right place.

Demo presented by Janani Moreno Nieves, Head of ThingPark Market.

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Murata-Abeeway 1WL Geolocation Module Demo – Unlock the value of Indoor-Outdoor IoT geolocation.

Picture of Lode Van Halewyck
Photo of Rohit Gupta

Abeeway and Murata will showcase the new Ultra-Low-Power Multi-Technology 1WL Geolocation Module with LoRaWAN®, designed as an ideal platform for multifunctional IoT asset tracking, the Abeeway module is co-developed and manufactured by Murata. It is offering ultra-low power design for long battery life, superior sensitivity and high flexibility to build customized low-cost tracking devices.

Demo will be presented to you by  Suman THAPA, Product Engineer at Murata, Rohit Gupta, Senior Wireless Project Manager at Actility and Lode Van Halewyck, Senior Technical Consultant at Actility

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