Murata speaks - Webinar

Uniting bright minds for IoT

Supercharge your IoT initiatives with Murata-Spark-NNNCo-Actility's turn-key LoRaWAN® solution for productivity and sustainability

19th May 2022, 13:30 (Sydney time)


The brightest minds in the industry have come together to take you for a ride into a sustainable and productive future!
With the largest LoRaWAN® telecommunication and network providers in Australia & New Zealand, powered by the global provider of scalable IoT connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things, discover how Murata x Spark x NNNCo x Actility secured turn-key solution can simplify and accelerate your IoT initiatives for businesses and government, on any device, any network, any platform, anywhere and anytime!
Learn how Murata’s module on Spark and NNNCo’s LoRaWAN® network, powered by Actility is going to enable millions of connected IoT devices to address multiple applications such as smart cities, utilities, logistics and tracking, agriculture and many more!
In this webinar, we will cover:
– The LoRaWAN® landscape & IoT Revolution in Australia & New Zealand
– Hands-on session: How to easily monitor and track  your smart IoT Devices to Murata LoRaWAN® modules
– Insights from a panel of market and technology experts – Spark, NNNCo, Actility & Murata
Date: 19th May 2022, Thursday
Time: 1.30pm (SYD)


Greg Sewell, IoT Sales Lead, Spark New Zealand

Photo of Greg Sewell
Spark logo

Over 10 years’ experience in Project Management and Marketing in the Telecom industry. Leading Speak New Zealand IoT Sales team and inspiring regional customers to develop innovative IoT solutions.

Tony Tilbrook, Chief Technical Officer/Chief Operating Officer, NNNCo
Photo of Tony Tilbrook
NNNCa National Narrowband Network Co logo

Tony is a highly strategic and experienced Technical and Operations Executive with strong technical and business experience and a track record in strategic and planning development, As CTO/COO, Tony leads the design, technical and operational activities at NNNCo. Previously, he was CTO – Design and Construct – at  Superloop.

Sourmack Dabouy, Regional Sales Director, APAC, Actility & Abeeway

Photo of Sourmack Darbouy
Actility logo green+red

IoT evangelist who has been promoting and building support for LoRaWAN technology in the APAC region since 2015. Has 10 plus years’ experience in Technical Sales, Business Development and other roles in the Telecom industry.

Gonzague Fraval, Product Marketing, Wireless Module, Murata Electronics Singapore

Photo of Gonzague Fraval
Murata Logo

Over 10 years experience in Product Marketing, Business Development and Project Management in the semiconductor and electronics industries in Europe, ASEAN and Oceania regions. Passionate for new technologies and innovation in the Internet of Things(IoT) and Smart Cities, Gonzague is an active contributor collaborating with many IoT ecosystem actors and various business partners, including device manufacturers, network operators, cloud platforms, and other key service providers.

Jaydyn Halliwel, Product Marketing Manager, Arrow Electronics, Australia/ New Zealand

Photo of Jaydyn Halliwel
Arrow Electronics logo

Over 20 years experience in Product Marketing, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management in the semiconductor and electronics industries in Australia and New Zealand. Passionate on seeing our Customers achieve their go-to-market plans and working closely with our Suppliers on meeting their expectations and those of our Customers and market place.

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