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ThingPark Wireless is the preferred IoT network platform for Service Providers rolling out LPWA connectivity services

Already powering over half of national LoRaWAN network deployments worldwide, ThingPark Wireless is the heart of your IoT network, enabling secure connectivity, data flow and management from sensors to cloud applications. ThingPark Wireless is modular, and scales easily, enabling Service Providers to monetize connectivity and accelerate the adoption of IoT solutions across multiple industries.

Secure, Connect, Manage, Monetize

  1. Secure Fully compliant implementation with the latest LoRaWAN standards. Secured activation with JoinServer and HSM offering high availability and redundancy, advanced network supervision, IPSEC tunnelling and devices’ Secure Element Management.
  2. Connect  Best in-class Adaptive Data Rate to optimize network capacity and device battery lifetime. FUOTA to update devices quickly and easily. Advanced gateway management.
  3. Manage your customers' data ready to use connectors routing to major IoT cloud platforms (AWS, IBM, MSFT) and applications.
  4. Monetize Develop IoT connectivity and value added services revenue streams for  your customers connecting devices and application to your network with ThingPark Wireless integrated BSS. 

LoRaWAN version 1.1 standard compliant

A single LPWA platform supporting LoRaWAN, LTE-M and NB-IoT 

EPC Connector - 3GPP optimized interface towards MNO’s EPC

Unified volume-based devices management during lifecycle with multicast and FUOTA


Our Solution in action

Orange connects Vinci rest-stops with ThingPark

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