Quality Guard enables cold chain traceability in Belgian food industry

What is great about the solution, is that everyone wins.

4 000 sensors
Deployments in Belgium

800 customers

50 000 users
For the Quality Guard application in the food industry

End customer

Quality Guard


The food inustry needs end-to-end traceability to comply with stringent health and hygiene regulations

For the many businesses and agencies in the food industry, health and regulation are central concerns.  Food hygiene and the prevention of food contamination is vital. And in today’s food industry, a company is not only responsible for what they produce, but also for the raw materials and ingredients that they choose.  For example, the baker who produces your child’s birthday cake is also responsible for the eggs, the milk, the butter, the sugar and the flour used to bake the cake, which all came from different suppliers. How do you choose your partners when quality and safety are paramount? In Belgium, you choose a Quality Guard partner. Four years ago, Quality Guard created an application distributed to 50,000 players in the Belgian food industry that has revolutionized their operations.


The LoRaWAN newtork reaches any restaurant fridge – mostly underground

Light, humidity or door opening influence temperature and must be recorded at all times

Quality Guard knew there was room for improvement in the control of the complex world of the food industry. It created a service based on an application that could help all levels of the food supply chain ie companies, health inspectors and of course consumers.  The solution developed by Quality Guard manages all aspects of the food business by automatically collecting the legally required information and ensuring it is checked. The temperature controlled supply chain is the priority for food hygiene supervision, and failure to respect it is where most bacteria are introduced in the food chain.  

Complying with temperature requirements is not simple, since many factors come into play. And a slight variation can introduce damaging bacteria. Light, humidity or door opening  influence temperature and must be recorded at all times, from start to finish… your plate. Quality Guard found the LoRaWAN solution offered by Proximus was virtually 100 % reliable. This Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology supports communications between sensors and gateways without barriers such as walls, floors, or distance. The LoRaWAN network can reach restaurant fridges no matter where they are located – which is often underground where other networks fail to reach.

Proximus deployed and connected sensors to the LoRa network throughout the food chain to record key data. The IoT solution signals any kind of abnormality by an alarm, enabling the restaurant owner to take corrective measures before any damage is caused.


Simplifying processes and operations in highly complex chain

Another major pain point for many restaurant’s daily operations is pest control. How do you remember where you’ve placed the mousetraps? How can you discover that a mouse was been caught before it starts to smell?  A mouse trap directly connected to the Quality Guard application alerts restaurant owners to which traps are full and where they are. It’s a major improvement in terms of hygiene and makes life simpler for everyone except the mice!

Invisible, but enabling these optimized business processes, is Actility’s software solution, ThingPark and its associated services. It enabled Proximus to plan, deploy and run the IoT services offered to Quality Guard.

The Quality Guard application reduces administrative work and guarantees high reliability and quality. Quality Guard’s Managing Director, Wim Van Gierdegom, is proud to report that the solution reaches 100 % customer satisfaction! To date, the company has deployed over 4000 sensors in Belgium alone, serving approximately 800 customers.  And they have hundreds more to equip in the months to come. The application has become the main reference for quality throughout the industry.  Quality Guard is looking beyond Belgium to develop markets across Europe as other food health and safety organizations are showing great interest in this outstanding solution.

Discover how LoRaWAN can make revolutionlize your supply chain!

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