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How to kick off your IoT projects
and solutions using LoRaWAN?

Using ThingPark Community to deploy LoRaWAN networks and sensors, build, experiment
and test integrated IoT Solutions

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  • As a solution provider, you may be frustrated by the lack of knowledge and expertise to launch a new industrial IoT solution.
  • Also, you may despair of reaching the global IoT market due to the lack of visibility and awareness of your solutions.
  • Finally, you may have difficulty integrating your solutions due to the complexity of the different IoT systems.

Whoever you are – a hardware or software developer, systems integrator, vendor, distributor, consultant or academic – the ThingPark community is here to help you learn about LoRaWAN® and provide valuable online resources.

With free access to ThingPark’s services, you’ll be learning and experimenting with LoRaWAN® from basic to advanced and developing your complete solution in no time!

By joining our Ignite Partner Program within the ThingPark community, you will grow your business with the right technology partner. Ensure interoperability with ThingPark and enjoy seamless integration with the creation of devices and application connections. Access a wide range of integrated resources, devices and applications to provide value-added services and solutions and resell hardware and software!

Join our webinar and learn everything you need from Actility expert:

Rovino Tamawiwy

IoT Sales Development Representative at Actility


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ThingPark Community, a community for everyone

Whether you’re a professional, student or teacher, ThingPark Community welcomes you to a global LoRaWAN ecosystem to help you pave the way for industry-grade IoT solutions.

In the ThingPark Community, you can create your first use case in no time with our starter materials and quickly gain hands-on experience.

We want you to become a member to learn, explore and grow, as you will have free access to LoRaWAN and ThingPark documentation, the ThingPark community forum or blog, while taking full advantage of the products, services and ecosystem.

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Partner with Actility to grow your business

Lack of visibility and reach in the global marketplace can be one of the reasons you can’t increase your ROI. 

You’ll learn how to showcase the value of your IoT solutions by leveraging ThingPark® capabilities, accelerate your go-to-market plan, gain awareness and visibility in our rich ecosystem, and unlock the potential of industrial IoT.

Join Actility, an LPWAN IoT market leader through our Ignite Partner Program!

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Accelerate application integration

Learn more about our ThingPark X drivers, which simplifies the interface between LPWAN-connected sensors and IoT applications, turning raw sensor data into actionable information for applications through a growing library of connectors and embedded drivers (or codecs).

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What better way to learn than from the experience of others!

You’ll hear our partners’ thoughts on the ThingPark Community and the Ignite Partner Program. Check out the feedback from the IoT experts at Adeunis, TWTG, Milesight, Pepperl-Fuchs and Favendo!

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Q&A session

What is LoRa and LoRaWAN white paper techniical overview, benfits and use cases

Learn more about the LoRaWAN technology by downloading the Actility “What is LoRaWAN” white paper