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Streamlining LPWAN App Integration by ThingPark X

Turning sensor-specific proprietary binary data to actionable data for application platforms


The LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networking) technologies, such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and various satellite-based ones, are already successfully addressing the connectivity needs of Massive IoT sensors: Delivering frames under the harshest radio conditions (consider range and obstacles) while keeping the power consumption and costs at minimum. The next challenge for building end-to-end solutions is the integration of applications running on various devices with the several application platforms, such as AWS, Azure, Cumulocity, etc. 

Binary and proprietary-encoded application payloads emitted by the end-devices are useless for the application platforms unless they are translated into a format and ontology that can be recognized by the latter. Considering the need to deal with multiple devices coming from independent manufacturers, and the need to integrate with a plethora of application platforms creates an exponentially-growing challenge.  

Actility in its mission to scale LPWAN by means of removing various types of integration friction has been tackling this issue with its ThingPark X platform. ThingPark X makes it easy to decode and transform data to enable any device to work with any application platform. 

In this webinar experts from Actility will present and demonstrate the capabilities of ThingPark X. 


Picture of Alper Yegin

Alper Yegin

VP of Advanced Technology Development, ActilityVice-Chair of BoD, Chair of Technical Committee, LoRa Alliance

Photo of Norbert Herbert

Norbert Herbert

Head of Solution Delivery and Ecosystem Integration at Actility


Figure one

ThingPark X Introduction, Alper Yegin

Figure two

ThingPark X Demonstration, Norbert Herbert 

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