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TWTG Insight Seminar 2023

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Location: Houston, USA
Date: September 12, 2023

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On Tuesday September 12, 2023, Actility, in collaboration with TEKTELIC and TWTG, is excited to invite you to the inaugural North American Insight Seminar themed ‘Meet the LoRaWAN Experts.’ This exclusive event will be held at the Hilton Americas-Houston, Houston, TX, USA.

At the seminar, we will be diving deep into the realm of LoRaWAN technology and its transformative potential in the Industrial IoT landscape. Join us for a day of immersive learning and engagement, where you’ll have the opportunity to interact with some of the foremost authorities in the field.

Our Insight Seminar will encompass three master classes, each designed to simplify and make accessible the implementation of LoRaWAN solutions. Here’s what you can look forward to:

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LoRaWAN Connectivity – Powered by Actility: Explore how ThingPark Enterprise, Actility’s state-of-the-art IoT connectivity platform, offers robust and secure solutions that drive efficiency, safety, and the seamless integration of devices across complex operations.

Figure two

Gateway to LoRaWAN – Presented by TEKTELIC: Delve into the gateway infrastructure that powers LoRaWAN networks. TEKTELIC, a trusted partner, will provide insights into ensuring optimal network connectivity.

Figure three

LoRaWAN Device Expertise – Hosted by TWTG: Gain valuable insights into LoRaWAN devices and their role in shaping the future of Industrial IoT. TWTG’s expertise will illuminate the path towards successful device integration.

Alex Guskov 

Business Development Director Americas

Meet Alex from our team if you would like to learn more about Actility and its products and services, or to meet at the event!

Our schedule for the day is as follows:


Seminar Commencement

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Networking Drinks

Please note that this seminar is an exclusive, invitation-only event. Kindly use the registration button below to secure your spot and take a step towards unlocking the potential of IoT in your operations. 

ThingPark Enterprise is a cutting-edge IoT connectivity platform by Actility, perfectly tailored for the Oil & Gas industry, offering robust and secure solutions that drive efficiency, safety, and seamless integration of devices across complex operations.

Interested in our solutions? Check out this use case example: 

TWTG-Actility solutions have been implemented by Total Energies. Discover how in this presentation: 

About TWTG  

TWTG is I-IoT. TWTG is the market leader in Industrialised (IECEx / ATEX) LoRaWAN® sensors. Launched in 2012, the company has become known for its green NEON LoRaWAN® products that solve industrial use cases. These wireless, battery-powered sensors revolutionise how industrial sites implement their digitalisation strategy.

Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (HQ) and Houston, US – As specialists in building IECEx / ATEX certified solutions for complex markets such as the oil and gas, petrochemical and utility sectors, TWTG’s devices contribute to greater accountability and environmental responsibility, while making facilities safer and increasingly efficient.

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About Tektelic

Tektelic Communications is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of LoRaWAN solutions. With a broad portfolio that spans gateways, sensors, and applications, Tektelic delivers top-tier performance, reliability, and scalability for the Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Committed to innovation and excellence, Tektelic empowers businesses, communities, and industries to harness the power of connectivity, fostering smarter, more efficient operations worldwide.

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About Actility

Actility is a world leader in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) industrial-grade connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things. Actility provides its ThingPark™ platform and network technology to deploy, operate and maintain public and private wireless IoT networks within a unified, scalable and versatile network infrastructure. The vast majority of nationwide LoRaWAN® network service providers (over 50) and hundreds of companies trust ThingPark™ all over the world. Through its subsidiary Abeeway, Actility also provides  patented ultra-low power tracking solutions. ThingPark Market offers the largest selection of interoperable IoT gateways, devices and applications to simplify and accelerate deployment of use cases.  

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What is LoRa and LoRaWAN white paper techniical overview, benfits and use cases

Learn more about the LoRaWAN technology by downloading the Actility “What is LoRaWAN” white paper