How to deploy your Indoor Air Quality Management solution using a LoRaWAN® connected Starter Kit

Introducing the End-to-end IoT Solution by Actility, Elsys and WMW

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Optimization of air quality indoors is essential for more healthy and productive indoor living and working conditions. CO2 concentration is a key indicator of air quality. A High amount of CO2 in the air, means also a high number of aerosols, which increases risks of infection, especially in the Covid-19 context.  Enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) could be as effective in reducing aerosol transmission of viruses as vaccinating 50-60% of the population according to scientific research. 

At this webinar, Actility and our Partners Elsys and WMW will present a complete IoT solution as response to this challenge, its components, use cases and  real-life implementations, and the benefits of LoRaWAN technology when applied to this use case.  You will learn how to easily set up the solution in your building, and which valuable data and insights you’ll be able to quickly get from it.


Photo of Sylvain Pillons
Figure one

Challenges and Importance of Indoor Air Quality

By Sylvain Pillons, VP Partners at WMW-Hub

Impact of bad air quality on cognitive performanceventilation performance, and impacting risks on COVID-19.

Photo of Olivia Ählström
Figure two

Indoor climate sensor, ERS CO2

by Olivia ÄhlströmAccount managing and marketing at ELSYS

Presentation of the ERS CO2, a LoRaWAN sensor for measuring indoor environment and occupancy. 

Picture of Bert Vanaken
Figure three

WMW IoT Business Application 

by Bert Vanaken, Founder & CEO at WMW-Hub

Presentation of the Data Mediation Layer for seamless integration of the LoRaWAN Network to the Application

Image of Shmuel Solomon
Figure four

LoRaWAN network integration and management

by Shmuel Solomon, Enterprise Channel Sales Manager at Actility

LoRaWAN as a Leading Choice For IAQ monitoring, Operation & Management of a highly scalable Network via a simple user interface on Actility’s ThingPark. 

Figure five

Live Demo:

Bert will walk you through a guided tutorial and perform a live demonstration showing the benefits of an integrated application in a complete end-to-end solution.

Image for the air quality live demo
Figure six

Q&A Session

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