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Indoor Tracking with LoRaWAN®
by Quuppa & Actility

Deploying one-size-fits-all Real Time Location System for people and assets,
with testimonies from Favendo, M2M Germany and McCool Controls

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Tracking objects indoors presents a lot of challenges, specifically in an industrial environment. When choosing the right positioning technology for your demands, many different factors come into play. While some applications demand pinpoint accuracy, others require more basic knowledge of an object’s presence within a defined space.

On the one hand, Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful engine for various location-based services and applications. It provides accurate and real-time positioning data for tracked Bluetooth®-enabled devices, by using advanced proprietary algorithms. On the other hand, Abeeway long autonomy devices allow continuous usage for months and years thanks to LoRaWAN® connectivity. Our partnership with Quuppa allows us to bring seamless positioning principle one step further, leveraging their technology to offer a sub-meter accuracy positioning solution.

Combined with the power of vertical applications such as the ones of Favendo, and implemented by long-experienced IoT solution providers such as M2M Germany and McCool Controls & Engineering (MC3E), it allows our industrial customers to benefit from the most advanced low-power asset tracking solution of the market. For example, the integrated Favendo-Quuppa-Abeeway solution is applicable for real-time medical asset tracking in hospitals: the nursing staff spends a lot of time searching for medical equipment in their daily work. Thanks to Abeeway’s compatibility with Quuppa technology this solution can be integrated into an existing HIS and can increase productivity by up to 14% while reducing costs by up to 18%. It will provide a complete overview of the historical usage pattern and real-time location of patients, medical equipment, staff or medications.

In this webinar, discover all the benefits of our technological integration and learn about its real-life implementations that might be applicable to your own business !

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Expand your business with LoRaWAN and Quuppa RTLS Indoor Positioning & Tracking

By Shmuel Solomon, Partner Manager For Digital Transformation – Enterprise Channel Sales Manager at Actility.

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Actility and Quuppa have joined their technological expertise for partners and customers to benefit from a one-stop solution offering seamless and high accuracy Indoor and Outdoor tracking. I will explain precisely how the integration of our products provides great added value to end customers: enhancements include making Abeeway’s ATEX certified tags trackable by the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System, a one one-size-fits-all technology platform for location-based services and applications. It enables both companies to provide a powerful, versatile, and scalable asset tracking solution for industrial environments, achieving a location accuracy of below 1 meter.

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Delivering reliable location data in complex indoor and outdoor use cases or hazardous environments thanks to LoRaWAN

By Torsten Amstein, Sales Manager at Quuppa

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Quuppa is a horizontal technology provider that in collaboration with partners, such as Favendo, builds customised location-aware solutions for a variety of industries and use cases. Actility, on the other hand, enables Quuppa to bridge the gap between seamless indoor and outdoor tracking. The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful technology platform for location-based services and applications. It offers a one-size-fits-all technology solution for tracking tags and devices in real-time with centimetre-level accuracy. The Quuppa System is a reliable, versatile, highly customisable, fully scalable and cost-effective Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solution for all industries.

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Customized hybrid RTLS solutions for every kind of industry: real-life use case

By Stefan Balduf, CEO at Favendo

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Favendo’s RTLS platform enables precise indoor positioning and navigation, proximity functions as well as asset and person tracking based on BLE. The integration of Abeeway’s tracking devices and LoRaWAN connectivity guarantees full coverage indoor and outdoor. The partnership provides added value to customers by a seamlessly working tracking solution for companies of any kind of business. Thanks to a standard JSON/REST push/pull API all status and location data generated can either be directly published into third party systems (CRM, ERP) or Favendo’s Asset Tracking Viewer can be used to search and find assets. In addition, Favendo is also a partner of Quuppa and is experienced in planning and installing AoA infrastructures. Being a partner of both Quuppa and Actility, which have now also entered a technological partnership with each other for high-precision indoor outdoor tracking, Favendo delivers unique added value to its customers in terms of hybrid, scalable RTLS solutions.

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Real-life Use Case: Optimizing logistics for cable drums using Quuppa and Abeeway

By Marius Nickolai, CEO at m2m Germany

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For an energy supplier that maintains a logistics yard where approximately 500 cable drums with different cable types and characteristics are stored, we were looking for a solution to optimize its logistics and reduce time for searching. Given the needed accuracy of 50cm and the further technical requirements our choice therefore fell on the Industrial Tracker from Abeeway. Beside its integrated GPS, it also offers the possibility of tracking via LoRaWAN, WiFi and BLE and delivers the needed precision with its Quuppa integration. Last but not least a special housing was designed for that Use Case, making it the ideal Hardware for cable drum tracking.

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Making buildings smarter with LoRaWAN-enabled tracking, with Quuppa, Abeeway and Actility

By Eoin McCool, COO at McCool Controls & Engineering.

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As a Smart Building SI we provide and integrate multiple systems and products to provide “turnkey” bespoke solutions for our valued clients. With Quuppa, Actility’s ThingPark and Abeeway end-to-end IoT solutions, we improve their estate efficiency, ensure operational continuity, and integrate legacy buildings and their systems with new facilities expansions. IoT offers alternative mechanisms to make buildings more sustainable and productive. Simple, low-cost sensor devices provide valuable real-time contextualized data: this is a connected building.

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About Quuppa:

Quuppa is a leading technology provider for real-time locating systems (RTLS) and indoor positioning systems (IPS). The company was established in 2012 by a team of experienced engineers and scientists as a spin-off from Nokia Research Center and has since successfully commercialised its offering, creating a complete product platform: the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™, a one-size-fits-all technology platform for location-based services and applications. Our platform offers companies a complete software suite of tools for planning, simulating and commissioning projects, that can be used as a solid and scalable foundation for building various location-based solutions. The open API makes it fast and easy to take the platform into use. To date, the Quuppa Ecosystem has more than 200 partners around the world who use Quuppa’s open, versatile and reliable positioning platform to deliver accurate, real-time and cost-effective location solutions to companies in a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics, retail, healthcare, sports, law enforcement and security. For more information, please see

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About M2M Germany:

As a specialist for M2M and IoT solutions, m2m Germany GmbH has been supporting its customers for more than 14 years in the implementation of digitalization projects and sees itself as an”enabler” of new business models and opportunities such as Big Data and Co. The technical focus is on modern wireless technologies such as LTE, Bluetooth, LoRa or NB-IoT. M2M Germany can rely on many years of experience from development and research projects and accompanies its customers from the idea to project planning, prototyping and series development up to after-sales service.

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About Favendo:

Since 2014, Favendo has made a name for itself as a provider of mobile tracking and navigation solutions for indoor environments. With its solutions, the company ensures smooth wayfinding and people tracking on cruise ships, among other things, and has also already equipped airports, football stadiums and sports arenas in Germany. Together with Ströer, Favendo is responsible for the first nationwide beacon rollout in Germany. The partner network already includes Phoenix Contact and the lighting service provider Trilux. Favendo is also a partner of the ArubaEdge program.

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About McCool Controls & Engineers

McCool Controls & Engineering (MC3E), established in 1991, is an innovative Master Systems Integrator with over 30 years of industry experience. As Smart Building Systems Integrators (SI), McCools offer their customers in Ireland and across Europe “turnkey” Smart Buildings Solutions including:

Geolocation Services


Building Management Systems

HVAC Controls

Smart Lighting

Energy Management Systems

Smart Building Apps

Occupant Room Apps

Indoor Mapping

Room/Desk booking

Cloud Based AI & Data analytics

Systems integration

The company’s success is based on innovation and has led to significant growth in Ireland and Germany. They have successfully delivered many prestigious and large-scale projects in commercial real estate, medical, education, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, data centers and many other industries.

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About Actility   

Actility is a world leader in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) industrial-grade connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things. Actility provides its ThingPark™ platform and network technology to deploy, operate and maintain public and private wireless IoT networks within a unified, scalable and versatile network infrastructure. The vast majority of nationwide LoRaWAN® network service providers (over 50) and hundreds of companies trust ThingPark™ all over the world. Through its subsidiary Abeeway, Actility also provides patented ultra-low power tracking solutions. ThingPark Market offers the largest selection of interoperable IoT gateways, devices and applications to simplify and accelerate deployment of use cases.  Contact us here:

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