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3 Good Fairies Welcome the Newborn Swedish LoRaWAN™ Ecosystem

Mark Maidman and Nicolas Beaumer at the Blink Services IoT event

Actility was invited to the Blink Services and Landskrona Energi IoT event on 9 June to brief their potential customers on LoRaWAN™ use cases. Nicolas Beaumer, IoT Product Strategy Manager and myself, Mark Maidman, UK and Northern Europe Sales Manager, were honored to meet the newborn Swedish LoRaWAN™ ecosystem.  

Blink Services’ insightful and inspiring IoT event

The IoT event organized by Blink Services in Landskrona (Sweden) on 9 June was very inspiring to meet so many interested parties in one location. They were really engaged throughout the presentation and asked highly relevant questions about specific use cases such as soil moisture at the end which was fantastic for me as:

  1. I didn’t send them to sleep
  2. They understood my English accent!!

The event also demonstrated Blink’s positioning in the IoT market and the great customer relationships they are building across Sweden. I can’t wait to go back and help Blink develop their capabilities in partnership with Actility even further.

“We appreciate the firm support we received from Actility by sending their star speaker, Mark Maidman, to our event. Mark’s performance was highly appreciated by the audience and he managed to bring clarity to the IoT concept”, says Matts Lilja, Managing Director at Blink Services.
What is LoRa and LoRaWAN white paper techniical overview, benfits and use cases

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