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Actility and Semtech announce Long-Range bi-directional wireless technology for M2M and Internet Of Things (IoT) sensors

New ThingPark Wireless® service enables M2M OEMs and integrators to connect end-points to the cloud for Smart Building, Smart Factory or Smart City deployments…

Actility and Semtech announced today the launch of the ThingPark Wireless® service to enables M2M system integrators to connect low-power sensors to the cloud for Smart Building, Smart Factory or Smart City deployments

This new technology is based on the new generation of bidirectional LoRa™ radio transceivers from Semtech and Actility’s wireless M2M base station with an open REST-based API(Application Programming Interface) for IoT application development. The ThingPark Wireless® service can support a wide-range of innovative sensor-based services such as smart parking, digital signage monitoring, EV charging, smart meter, safety sensor metering and many more.

With this disruptive technology, a typical Smart City or Smart Building project  would require only a low-cost, small antenna on a rooftop to connect sensors in a 2-5 km radius for dense cities or in a 15 km radius in countryside applications. Semtech’s LoRa™ technology has 5-10 dB more link budget than cellular technology for in-building penetration where cellular and GPS cannot reach. With the integration of Semtech’s LoRa spread-spectrum technology into ThingPark Wireless it is now possible LoRa-enabled sensors to transmit low data rate signals up to 15 km without issues related to crystal accuracy found in legacy smart metering systems and industrial applications.

You can read the full press release by Actility and Semtech here:

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