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Actility Benelux wins Vlakwa demonstration project around smart water management

The proposed solution is based on Actility’s collaboration with Vlakwa, De Watergroep, Vito, Vub & Snaptonic.

“Beyond the scope of Flanders, this demonstration project will lead to the drastic decline in the cost of drinking water and industrial water monitoring infrastructures through the use of ThingPark Wireless and the Lora technology. The acquired expertise can also be leveraged internationally to drastically reduce the drinking water loss in tanks or pipes, which are estimated at 20-30% worldwide. The drought, caused by global climate change will lead to increased pressure on these water resources. This is one of the biggest problems of global warming,” said Ivo Van Vaerenbergh, Vice-President of Actility Benelux.

About Actility Benelux

Actility Benelux – founded in 2013 – is an energy management service provider for electric load response and curtailment strategies. Actility acts as an automated Demand Response aggregator with the objective of optimizing energy demand management in a Smart Grid context. In addition to a cost reduction, Actility’s Smart-Grid applications allow companies to reduce consumption peaks, encourage the integration of renewable energies and decrease the amount of CO2 produced.  Additionally, Actility Benelux  offers Actility products such as Think Park Wireless ® extremely energy efficient applications for smart utilities, smart mobility, smart buildings and smart logistics with a need for bi-directional communication over a long distance ,whereby Thing Park Cloud ® provides for easy integration of the various IT components. For more information go to


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