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Actility collaborates with Opencell to offer class-leading IoT digital subscription services

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 28 February 2018: Actility, the industry leader in Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks, today announced a successful technology partnership with Opencell to integrate their class-leading open source billing engine framework into the ThingPark Wireless platform. The Opencell partnership, made possible thanks to a close and effective collaboration between the two companies initiated in 2016, will offer billing-as-a-service for ThingPark Wireless customers, support ThingPark Market ecommerce, and enable key features of Actility’s channel partner programme to support advanced revenue-sharing business models globally.

Olivier Hersent, Actility CEO, explains: “Opencell provided the flexibility we needed to optimise the product billing features available within ThingPark Wireless to the complex and evolving needs of our network operator partners for their IoT billing & settlement. We have also integrated it completely in our IaaS cloud to manage the complex financial flows matrix of ThingPark Market for devices, applications and connectivity, and the related settlement requirements.”

According to Opencell CEO, David Meyer: “Actility’s leading position in industrial IoT presents a wide range of requirements in subscription and usage monetization, settlement and commissioning as well as catalog management. We’re very pleased that Actility recognized the strengths of our platform as we’ve worked hard together to meet their requirements and deliver a world-leading solution addressing the developing needs of IoT customers.”

Opencell’s solution is the only open source billing platform capable of addressing complex B2B and B2C usage scenarios. Its software makes complex subscription and usage-based rating and commissioning accessible to all types of businesses and industries including telecoms, cloud operators, Internet of Things enablers and utilities.

“The partnership between Actility and Opencell significantly reduces the cost barrier to entry of addressing complex IoT business models and ensures the reduced time to market that’s critical in the fast-moving world of LPWAN,” concludes Olivier Hersent.
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