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Actility obtains Reserve Service operator status from French TSO RTE

The new Reserve Service Operator status now brings new revenues to industrial sites which can support load variations in one second or less.

Actility has been granted the status of system services operator by French Transmission Systems Operator (TSO). This allows Actility to provide automated fast sub one-second response service to frequency deviations on the grid. As a TSO, RTE controls the system frequency in real time by balancing electricity demand with generation. That frequency will fall in the event of a generation unavailability, such as failure from a large power station plant. Actility’s role as a System Service Operator is to reduce or increase load within seconds of the event so as to correct the frequency as rapidly as possible.

Leveraging this contracting mechanism Actility therefore brings additional revenues to industrial sites that can increase or reduce load rapidly in response to a locally detected frequency variation. Actility brings both its expertise in integrating with complex automation systems and its SmartDR fully automated platform for demand-side management. For more please refer to the RTE list of Reserve Service System operators:

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