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Actility supports Levikom in launching world’s first “open value chain” LoRaWAN IoT network in Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia / Paris, France: February 1, 2017: Levikom, the leading wireless broadband, media and corporate IT infrastructure services provider in Estonia, is launching the world’s first “open value chain” IoT network in Estonia.

To deliver this ground-breaking business proposition, Levikom is teaming up with Actility, the industry leader in LPWA solutions. Levikom and Actility will upgrade the NORAnet network across Estonia to offer 2nd generation carrier-grade IoT connectivity services with multiple radio access, also enabling high-value geolocation services powered by LoRa® devices and wireless technology from Semtech (Nasdaq:SMTC), a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, and accessible via Actility’s ThingPark platform.

“We can see a clear commercial advantage in integrating an LPWAN network with our broadband wireless network,” says Levikom founder and Vice Chair Peep Poldsamm, “Our lengthy experience in providing professional IT infrastructure services and solutions to corporate customers from many industries means that we have recognized the value in offering an open value chain based business model in IoT operations. Our focus is primarily on the provision of wholesale connectivity to developers and specialized services and solution providers in different application areas on fair, equal and transparent terms.”

“Semtech’s LoRa Technology is a widely deployed solution for LPWAN infrastructure that enables low-cost, interoperable IoT networks, gateways, sensors, module products and IoT services worldwide,” said Jaap Groot, Vice President of System Business Development for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “By choosing LoRa for this LPWAN deployment, Levikom’s network is complementary with a wide range of solutions operating on the LoRaWAN™ protocol standardized by the LoRa Alliance™. In addition, Levikom will use LoRa’s native geolocation feature that allows end users to track sensors without added hardware or costs.”

“We’re excited to be working with a company like Levikom, which is going drive innovation in the business model of IoT networks,” says Actility CEO Mike Mulica. “LPWA technology is always transformational for industries – the geolocation capability that LeviKom is deploying, for example – but this deployment in Estonia is also a great example of creating game-changing commercial opportunities that are not possible any other way.”

Levikom will begin the country-wide roll-out of a LoRaWAN™ radio network with omni- and pico-cell base stations, with core network services provided by Actility’s ThingPark Wireless solution, a fully integrated platform for the Internet of Things. Levikom will also offer to its customers a web-based MarketPlace for browsing and purchasing suitable IoT devices and applications ready for deployment in Levikom’s network.

A key focus of Levikom’s IoT roadmap are smart utilities: Smart Metering and Smart Energy applications for electricity, gas, water and heating companies. This requires Levikom to roll-out a carrier-grade network with the highest end to end performance and with additional functionality. Semtech, as the supplier of LoRa Technology, is supporting Levikom in finding appropriate solutions to deliver the connectivity services for utility companies which meet their stringent requirements. Levikom is currently integrating its LoRaWAN™ network with ESTFEED, a metering data sharing platform for large electricity, gas, water and heating utilities, developed and operated by Elering, an Estonian Energy Company’s grid operator. The new network gateways deployed by Levikom have been chosen because they support geolocation functionality, which enables Levikom to introduce tracking applications without GPS or additional power consumption.

”We expect to launch our 2nd generation core network together with our first residential IoT services in March,” says Toomas Peek, Chairman of Levikom. “The upgrade of the existing LoRaWAN™ radio network with new base stations and further country-wide roll-out will not be a big challenge for Levikom, as we are installing most of the LPWAN gateways into the existing wireless broadband sites.” Peek believes Levikom’s IoT roll-out will not only bring new applications and benefits to people and companies in Estonia, but will be a major source of economic growth for next decade, as IoT is foreseen as the main driver to increase the productivity of manufacturing industry, and is an essential enabler of “Industry 4.0.”


About Actility & ThingPark™

Actility is the industry leader in LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) large-scale infrastructure and the innovator behind the ThingPark IoT Solution platform. ThingPark is a carrier-grade IoT platform which enables service providers to accelerate their IoT strategy and go-to-market. ThingPark Wireless delivers long-range networks for low-power sensors and devices. ThingPark Mash-up provides IoT protocol and data mediation services, enabling web applications to connect seamlessly with data from a vast range of different sensors. ThingPark Marketplace is at the heart of of an ecosystem of certified IoT devices, connectivity, and application partners. Actility is a founding member of the LoRa Alliance.

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About LoRaWAN™

LoRaWAN is designed to connect low-cost, battery-operated sensors over long distances in harsh environments that were previously too challenging or cost prohibitive to connect. A LoRaWAN gateway deployed on a building or tower can connect to sensors more than 10km away or to water meters deployed underground or in basements. The LoRaWAN protocol offers unique and unequaled benefits in terms of bi-directionality, security, mobility and accurate localization that are not addressed by other LPWAN technologies. These benefits will enable the diverse use cases and business models that will enable deployments of large scale LPWAN IoT networks globally.



About Levikom

Levikom is a leading country-wide broadband wireless access operator and internet, IPTV, IoT, telephony, CCTV as well as corporate IT infrastructure services and solutions provider in Estonia. Levikom operates also Estonian first public IoT LPWA-network NORAnet. Levikom is a first choice for residential subscribers living in suburb or rural areas and only operator apart incumbent in Estonia capable to offer bundled telecommunication and IT infrastructure services to business customers. Levikom is a long-term certified partner of many global technology companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell, HP, VMware, F-Secure etc. and is a member of international IoT association LoRa-Alliance™. In provision of media services Levikom has strategic partnership with leading regional content aggregators Viasat and Wide Media. Levikom employs about 70 staff. (


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About Semtech

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for high-end consumer, enterprise computing, communications, and industrial equipment. Products are designed to benefit the engineering community as well as the global community. The Company is dedicated to reducing the impact it, and its products, have on the environment. Internal green programs seek to reduce waste through material and manufacturing control, use of green technology and designing for resource reduction. Publicly traded since 1967, Semtech is listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol SMTC. For more information, visit

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