AWS and Actility have the best way to start an IoT project

AUGUST 7, 2020 | written by actility

Thinking about deploying an IoT use case? Don’t start from scratch, AWS just announced the availability of 29 IoT solutions from AWS and its partner network (APN) to address common use cases in automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and connected home. Two of these solutions use LoRaWAN® expertise from  Actility, offering our Actility ThingPark Enterprise Solution and ThingPark Location Low-Power Asset Tracking Solution.

All aspects of an enterprise can be data-driven, meaning that they can store huge amounts of insights which can work to improve customer experience, increase workers efficiency and leverage innovation, accelerating time to value. AWS has a broad and deep IoT knowledge, which allows to build an enormously varied end-to-end devices portfolio, designed for virtually any purpose and which now includes Actility’s solutions. 

Read our PR: “Your dedicated IoT network just one click away: LoRaWAN® now available in AWS Marketplace with AWS IoT Core, from a market leader.

So… how can I apply this to my own company ?

By getting an end-to-end solution you are allowing yourself to address common IoT use cases in manufacturing, tracking, healthcare, or any other industry by using LoRaWAN connectivity.

Actility has become one of the main AWS IoT partners by joining the AWS IoT Solution Repository, and by offering Actility’s ThingPark Location Low-Power Asset Tracking Solution . This solution provides AWS’s Catalog with a complete low-power geolocation solution for the Internet of Things that surpasses simple GPS by offering a switchable location technology which enables outdoor and indoor asset tracking, working through low-power consumption trackers connected to LoRaWAN, with a modular location engine powered by Abeeway.

Moreover, Actility ThingPark Enterprise Solution – A LoRaWAN private networking solution efficiently connects an organization’s most valuable assets. It provides a scalable multi-gateway LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure as well as dashboards for key operational insight and alarm management.

This large range of products can be found in the AWS Partner Device Catalog , where you can search and filter solutions by industry, solution type, use cases and AWS services, to help you quickly find the right solution for you. Our ThingPark Location Low-Power Asset Tracking Solution and many more can also be found in AWS IoT Solution Repository or can be bought directly from the AWS Marketplace. 

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